Beast Mode 2.0 for Gears 5

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Hello everyone this thread will be discussing the implementation of a beast mode in Gears 5. Please keep all your comments respectful and constructive.

First off, I would like to start by saying that I am aware it would take several hours and cost thousands to implement but I think the pay off would be worth it.
I feel beast mode could be implemented fairly easily because the building blocks are already there. Jacks hijack ability is very similar to gears 3 beast mode , its only difference is that gears 5 has a timer on the character and not the round like gears 3. The most challenging part I could see in implementing a beast mode in Gears 5 would be creating layouts for all the bases on every map and creating a UI so that you can select a Swarm character and of course balancing the swarm characters. They could use the same exact values from gears 3 regarding time earned from destroying certain obstacles or killing certain cog enemies.

This mode would really help the player base because you could do a daily and featured beast match with special modifiers like enemies are equipped fire grenades or enemies must be executed. These daily and featured beast matches would offer RE-UP exp. An example would be :

  • Inconceivable: 10,000 exp

  • Advanced: 5,000 exp

  • Beginner: 250 gold

I know beast mode may not come but I am very passionate about it and you never know maybe it might come in a future op. Thank you for listening.

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Or; and I know I might sound like a lunatic, TC could start making more Hives and sell them for 5 bucks each.

they’ve said no on multiple occasions.

we need to let this game be what it is now. asking for Beast or Overrun just isn’t going to happen at this point in the games lifecycle. lower your expectations of what is possible at this point.

months/years and millions is probably what it would take.

Creating a brand new Hive with brand new tiles is more time consuming than creating beast mode. Beast mode would literally reuse assets and create no new ones. Its way more simple than escape hives and if they add multiplayer maps in new ops those can be repurposed for beast maps. Its a win win in my opinion.

As stated they already shut both down for 5… at best you can get enough people going on about it that they may consider it for 6… but that’s probably doubtful too at this point, they wouldn’t even consider Wingman lol

Edit: last point just being that yes there was alot asking for Beast or Overrun, but there was even more asking for Wingman.

I get your point but giving up on the idea isn’t gonna help either. I’m passionate about the mode so I posted this even knowing that there’s a high chance of it not being added. I don’t care if its a waste of time at least I can say I tried.

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Hopefully we see all 3 in 6 man… or at the very least Wingman and one of the other 2.

Only time will tell tho.

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it’s great that the fans love all the modes we’ve had over the years but if we’ve learned anything from Gears 5 it’s that TC spread itself too thin to properly support all the modes.

something needs to give for the next game or split the game off into multiple SKU’s/developers

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I vote the latter, cause not saying they should all be ranked, cause ya population lol (if Gears 5 had launched in the state it was pre-tuning, it’d be ib WAAAY better shape lol, heck even the new tuning alot don’t seem to like would have been a better launch) but I digress, not saying they need to all be in ranked, but the more unique modes they take the time for, the better, the variety is one of the things Gears had going for it,

Most other shooters are just your basics, Gears you got Beast and Overrun when you wanna play as actual locust/swarm monsters, not just the drones and what not (and still a different aspect when you’re COG too)… you got 2v2 when you wanna get dirty with a mate… expand that further with Wingman when you want to run with a mate but want more of a TDM feel, not just gnashers. Guardian Gridiron and KOTH(as much as I hate it, still fits next sentence) for various different types of objectives so coming up with different play styles and strategies for each one. FFA when you wanna wreck some people without relying on crappy teammates.

Just a few examples how much variety it has/could have. Thus, ya I suggest the latter.

PS and that’s just PVP lol you got Horde and Escape too I know.

For the mode to be possible, we’d need new enemies.

Unless we just slap a swarm(ish) skin on everything. Swarmorpser. Swarmtipede.

I reckon IF they did, it’d be like Pouncer, Scion(more like the Scions you hijack, not the PVP skin) same for Warden those 3 I could see for sure… Juvies instead of Tickers, or perhaps poppers instead to really match.

Couple iffys would be Stump… and big maybe, Snatcher in replacement of Corpser

Imagine being the Juvie, swooping in and bashing heads on pavement. Here’s hoping 6 will get something Beast related.

I don’t know why they abandoned a mode like overrun.

I think they asked how can we attract new players and move away from a gnasher centric meta? I believe they thought they were into something with arcade.

I enjoyed arcade, but the real way to move from a gnasher dominate gameplay was answered in overrun and they should expand on overrun idea. As in when you play as warden, you literally are the big badass warden like you play against in escape/horde. You aren’t gonna run up and gnasher it, you’re gonna sniper or lancer it.

Just using gears 5 you can have a tiered system similar to judgement

Tier 1: leech, juvie, drone, sniper, grenadier, reject, sire, hunter

Tier 2: pouncer, scion, elite drone/grenadier, bastion

Tier 3, flock, warden, stump, sentinel/guardian

Tier 4, snatcher, kestrel, swarmak, carrier

Tier 5: matriarch, wakatuu

When you are cog you can have similar tiers,

Tier 1: unlock passive
Tier 2: unlock first 3 card slots
Tier 3: unlock all 5 card slots
Tier 4: use ultimate

Or something along those lines.

Regardless it will be FRESH and NEW. By adding in ultimates and cards it will give it an overwatch/apex legends feel. Combining PVE and PVP together

Been replaying Overrun with a small group of people lately and holy fug is it really hectic. I don’t remember it being so fast paced when you have two teams of players going at it, the tide can change within moments. I’d like to see a sort of successor mode to it, a fast paced PvP / PvE hybrid mode is something that could be fun to have again.