Be sure to claim your free 1 year anniversary gun skins in the store

Skins are pretty dope. For free. Thanks @TheCoalition for the skins. Heres to hoping year 2 .is on the rise. For all its flaws and the horrible launch, I still really enjoy you. Cheers. 5


I have mixed feelings about these skins tbb

They look absolutely terrible and boring let’s be honest


@Outlaweditzz @Whelan902 positivity. I love it.

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I’m rarely negative towards Gears 5 but my god what a chronic anniversary

A map or two would’ve gone a looooooong way


Perfect! My Fiancé’s birthday is close and I had no idea what to write in the card, until now!



They suck just like the re up rewards.


My birthday isn’t until February. You always get it wrong.

We’re through!


those skin is it just grey? Is it some old gear weapon skin or having any special meaning?


Something that seriously needs adjusting

You should be rewarded nicely for a re up


it would be better to distribute the promised skins in GEARS 4 so that people can complete it 100%, or at least make it possible to create them, and if they also made it possible to transfer them to GEARS 5, then it would be great.
and if black steel was returned to the sale, it would motivate players to return to part 4 to buy and transfer them to part 5

A year in and we are STILL at a ‘‘broken launch state’’ Do TC take us for a joke? I think they need to remember that if it wasn’t for the efforts of Epic on Gears 1-3 and the fact that those 3 games created a very loyal player base…Gears would be dead in the water. TC have butchered Gears…How on earth have they managed to employ this level of incompetence?
How can they take something so great and whittle it down to this s**t show?
It’s embarrassing.

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Very ugly skins … Burk !

Fun fact: when Kait tags a grenade on the wall and says “said the spider to the fly” she’s actually naming out a Gears of war 2 Achievement for sticking 10 grenades on the wall