Be careful of upgrading those skill cards

They will cost you if you’re not careful. If you need one more card the game will make that card flash making you think you have enough cards to upgrade. Look over to the right and you will see the upgrade cost.

Bottom line is, make sure you have all the cards for the upgrade or it cost you scrap, unless or course, you really intended to spend scrap on the upgrade.


We need refunds because you couldn’t see missing cards at all on horde load out screen. No logical reason for us to suspect we would be charged when it’s always been free if it said Ready for upgrade. I thought it just stored old duplicates and saved them for when they added this feature.


Yep, just burned through 4000 coins and then I realized what was going on. A little heads up on the new system working this way would have been nice.

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Yep. Fortunately for me I didn’t spend that much before I figured out what was going on.

Leave it to TC to be sneaky.

Friend also got ripped off 10k coins and is ready to uninstall. Great job TC

Thank you Op really appreciate the info downloaded the update thou took age(s)But I will be careful

any comment from TC on this? I burned through a tribe of them aswell before I realised. sneaky ■■■■■■■■ they are.

Sorry to hear that. They really should remove the upgrade notification until you have all the cards you need.

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Not that it really matters now I guess, but I logged a ticket with them back on the 15th July, asked them to roll back the upgrades and that I’d steer clear of using that particular character until the did. Also suggested they remove the “ready to upgrade” until such time you have the cards rather than mislead us. Chased them 7 times on it.

today, they respond with “Unfortunately, as spending coins for upgrading does take a choice regarding holding the button down, we will not be reimbursing this cost.”.

Bunch of arseholes, they really do hate their player base.


I have to concur with that.