Be able to drop sidearms

We can drop the other loadout weapons why not the snub

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Because you need at least one weapon.

Edit: to clarify, there’s purpose in dropping other weapons, maybe you’re playing escape and accidentally grabbed a weapon your teammate wanted or they run out of ammo. Yes you can trade but instead of standing around in combat you can instead drop the weapon and Mark it for allies. Dropping the Snub or any other weapon would serve little function especially if your teammates have one already.

Must admit, I don’t see a huge benefit to dropping your pistol, but hey if it is something you want to do, I don’t see why TC couldn’t enable it. The bigger problem for me is the fact that pistols are so restricted in general. In horde you can’t select which one you want to load out with, you can’t trade them with teammates, you can’t buy them from the fabricator and enemies don’t spawn with them. You can’t even put them in the locker.

Doesn’t make sense, because you’d still have your other loadout weapons

Well then you wouldn’t be able to drop them. It’s just easier to drop all but pistols instead of all but one.

Pistols should be able to be dropped just like your left and right loadout, it’s just synergy I want. Not too much to ask

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Still, having the ability to drop them would give us more options, however narrow the benefit might be.

They should let us drop all out weapons, so we can walk around like campaign with our character’s arms down by their sides. It’d be a nice detail. We can still knife anyway

Yeah I don’t disagree with the ability just was trying to explain why maybe it’s how it is.

Again, other than if you’re a mad lad attempting 1-50 Knife Only runs, I see no gameplay purpose in dropping all weapons to enter “cinematic” mode unless you’re planning on making a RedvBlue type machinima show.

I don’t personally know why there would be a reason to drop sidearms, or not allow players to do so, but at the same time I also don’t know for sure why we can’t place them on lockers unless Jack picks them up and puts them on, or why TC has the functionality to place Snubs, Boltoks and Talons in Escape’s map editor but literally never uses it in their own maps, like it somehow would break things if people could drop their not always great Snub for a Boltok or Talon, or get some pistol ammo that way.

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I play as Del quite a bit in horde. It would be nice to be able to put the tool in a locker and grab a Boltok. As of now, this requires a Jack, and a player willing to kill themself.


Totally get that. Being able to drop your pistol or trade would be great.