Battle Royale mode would be like Wingman

Battle royal mode would be basically wingman but on a large open map.Wingman was my favorite game mode and I would definitely play this mode if they created it.

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Wingman I’m all for but ■■■■ battle Royale


Just return wingman, had a blast playing that in 3, I was on the top 100 leaderboards on matches won, absolutely loved that game mode, your team mate will either love you or hate you depending how you play

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Wingman : ‘Yay’

Battle royale : ‘Nay’

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Battle Royale has no place in Gears.

Now let’s move on.


These mentions of Battle Royale really need to be instantly blocked and deleted.


Not saying make a exact duplicate of battle royal but they could try something in a open world gears style.It’s obvious gears is dying and just adding old maps and characters is not cutting it.Gears needs something big but still have traditional gameplay don’t know exactly what but that’s why the developers need to figure something out.

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I would love to see giant Gears maps , like Halo.

Maybe have big team battle 8v8 or 16v16 with a giant map.

But these dudes can barely handle 10 people playing on a server so I don’t know.

I love the thought.

■■■■ battle royales, gears is better and too original for that to me - took over the whole of gaming nowadays I actually find it refreshing to play some normal multiplayer

Wingman however was a great game mode, get rid of arcade and put that in or slip it into the ranked playlist.

I find it comical all these PvE players saying no to battle royal… I’m general because I’ve seen this topic in the past months come up…

I’d love it. The ultimate style of warzone.

If the maps were huge it be like playing campaign in a verses which would be awesome.

To add, regardless the population is too low.

I would love like world war Z gameplay where you fight versus & ai just show up mid battle so there’s complete chaos.

Like horde mixed with PvP.

I say try it on 6. It can’t hurt. Might even bring in a crowd since it’s what’s popular.

Maybe a huge map like CoD or any typical battle royal.

But make it elemental too with ai like Swarmaks & such.