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We need battle royale and building like Fortnite and more micro transactions and skins please.
Don’t waste any more time fixing critical issues there’s so much money to be made in this TC.

Please make the aim-assist and lancer stronger too.


I agree. The prices in the store are way too low. They could be double. These kids have nothing but money.
I love the bullet magnetism. It helps get kills so well, I feel like I don’t even have to aim. Just point and shoot.

Moar skins. We need brighter, flashier skins. None of this chrome or onyx crap.

I would also like to mention…

I’ve been playing gears since day one.
I’m a gears vet.
I played all the gears games.
I love gears 5. It’s the best. :grin:


This is what I am saying.
They need to treat their new target audience like they’re mentally 12.
Hopefully these comments will get listened to because it’s foolish to ask for constructive updates.
We need battle royal now, and a refrigerator skin to match the bullet magnetism.

Where do I pay in advance?


Everyone should be in Masters rank after pressing start on the main menu.

The gnasher should work something like the Fat Man from Fallout 3.

Also, make the movement slower.


Maybe if we keep asking for what we don’t want we’ll get what we do want.

Dont forget to add expression and flag!
Cant wait to show what I buy to other gamer!

Don’t give them hope, they already commented they might in the future.

I’m gonna laugh so hard if they take this thread seriously :joy::rofl:

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There already implementing these fine improvments​:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

Oh especially the fact that its on games pass just take it off its worth like 80$ alone

I know your post is sarcasm, but a Gears Royale would be fun. The game mode, not the fluffy bunny crap.

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I have a great idea! Why even bother playing when the game can play for you? I mean, we already have bullet magnetism and “auto-aim”, might aswell implement the rest aswell :smiley:

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Might not be a future player base to play it

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I agree. These are all valid point and will make the game million times better.

We also need an OP gun that kills everyone on the map when you shoot it in the air whoever holds it.

Also i request you make me OP where i can never die and even when i shoot bullets into the the ground they ricochet and seek out enemies and kill them with one one hit.

Also we need pokemon skins …

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Fun fact, if epic still owned gears there would totally be crossovers between fortnite and gears, you could’ve play in fortnite as Marcus and the cog gear and you could’ve play gears as jonesy and headhunter

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