Battle Royale could it help/save Gears 5?

You seriously think that TC could even make such a mode if they wanted to? Gears 5? You mean the game that has almost every bug imaginable, unstable servers, and ping issues with a maximum of only 10 players per match?


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You say that as if creating a Battle Royale mode is a Herculean effort.

A match supporting 50 players in the current condition this game is in? Yea, I think TC would have quite a hard time pulling this one off.

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Ms just has to give them more capacity on their servers.

But BR is horrible. Adding that to gears, nty. I’d rather have beast mode back


I really hopy man they won’t take that course of action , because if they do, then it wouldnt be Gears of War anymore, it would be something else and the game will be dismissed and we’ll have to look for something else to play.

Or in the other hand we well have to fund other company’s who could create a true gears of wars game that is focused on true gameplay mechanics and action.

You know just as well as I do that the matches would be a laggy bug filled mess. It would never work. Until TC proves they can handle 10 players max per match and get things working right, I don’t trust them with a 50 player mode.

This thread has become a Battle Royale me vs everyone, my 1st Gears BR I love it. I knew I would get my fix, lol.


Sadly that’s Microsoft who’ll have to fix that. As good as their azure servers can be, lately there’s been multiple games on their servers with connection issues

There you go bruh, problem solved. TC didn’t even need to lift a finger and you got your new mode. Mods, close the thread as his issue has been resolved. :rofl:

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Cost nothing and free of bugs. What’s not to love?

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plz help Question : after operation 1 can i still unlock them in operation 2 plz halp

I would be open to it. But only if they used the current maps and let you team up with a friend, with a 10 player limit. They could call it wingman.

They did that it’s called Judgment.

Free-for-all!!! I hope its pure dope!!!

There ya go bruh, you got your battle royale-ish mode now. Dreams do come true. All you need to do now is ask TC to let you drop from a Raven at the beginning the of the match and you’re golden. :yum:


Aye that would be sick lol

Give us Locust in horde and escape, please do it

competent patches will save gears 5.

Erasing this game from the History books and trying again could save Gears, and that is about the only thing.

Honest answer? Aside from my anti-BR bias:

I don’t think anything will truly “save” Gears 5 aside from a massive overhaul and PR push, which at this point, I don’t feel is worth it. I think it would be better to learn from Gears 5 and move onto Gears 6 on an accelerated timetable. Less support for this game, more effort put towards the next game.

But battle royale is not what Gears needs, and it’s not what’s going to save Gears 5. If it releases, only a small fraction of the community will care, and it won’t really draw anyone in who loves BR games. They already have plenty to chose from without learning the specific mechanics of Gears.

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