Battle Royale could it help/save Gears 5?

Gotta say thats a no for me too GRAViiTY. lol a HELLLLL no

No. Gears 5 doesn’t need a BR mode, it just needs some fine tuning and more content, both if which are coming.

Absolutely no. That’s just pandering to the whiny little kids and streamers. WORST game mode ever!

Even if were desirable, the graphics would need to be parred down significantly in order for a large maps and so many players to run on the xbox . It wouldn’t be recognizable.

So you want to bring quite possibly the worst thing ever added to games, to try and fix a game? Battle Royale is garbage, and the games that made it popular are garbage along with the ones that picked it up in an attempt to cash in on the incredibly low attention spanned masses who enjoy shallow gameplay. It’s something that should be quickly forgotten.


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Lol my bad

76 can be played in 3rd 1st person isn’t forced

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Gears’ servers can’t handle 5v5 very well. 50 v 50 would implode the system.

Also imagine the map voting nightmare:

  • 17 Training Grounds
  • 38 Foundation
  • 38 Exhibit
    (seldom get 100% voter participation)

And we all wait 35minutes to load into f*cking Exhibit anyway because the voting system doesn’t work either. Then 1 guy doesn’t load into the match and we’re all booted back to the main menu with suspensions.


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I understand that but it’s just a better concept than battle royale imo. If they can manage to pull it off I rather see a 50 vs 50 than 100 single players roaming a map


Battle Royal has no place in this particular series. I do like the larger team ideas, or even multiple squads in a specific modes would work IF (big IF) their servers could hold up. In their current state, they cannot.

They failed both tech tests prior to launch and yet the game still launched.

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I wouldnt be against it if it wouldn’t cost dev time. They need to be focused on other things at the moment, not making a gears version of BR.

Wingman and free for all with a total of 10 players is enough. Please don’t spend dev time on battle royal. They have enough things that needs to be fixed

Yes the tech test was pretty bad the first couple days, then it felt slightly better but launch was even worst with so much traffic they could not hold up. I wanna see OVERRUN return I miss the competitive team based mode. They need more innovative gameplay injected into multiplayer.

Throw in a Pink Vader and you got yourself funding

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Ahem here is an example if we had a BR

1-¨You find any power weapons?¨
2-¨Gridlock is looted we should go to Mer- Gets shocked and looks to skySomeone has a raven!¨
1-¨No thats just a flying player¨

Personally I would like a push mode like one team defends a spot as the other takes points in a straight lineish map like COG bases and then a swarm team that has 5-10 minutes to take all 4 points you know kinda like overrun maybe except minus the b a d but with the g o o d no class system basically

Using gears 3 and 4 in the same sentence is a crime.

Sounds like some messed up variant of search and destroy / destiny. No thanks

Snub pistol only 20v20 sounds good though.