Battle Of The Boos: This Time It's For Keeps

The time has come. The Gears community must decide once and for all who jeers the best of all. I will throw Lahni out as my choice. She sounds utterly disgusted at your efforts when she boos.

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The best is the UIR Solider with his boo Instead of actually booing you he calls you a dumb@ss


UIR male: “Dumb ■■■!”


What better way to insult your enemy than to have Marcus tell them “You suck”? (I don’t remember the full line for it.)

He says, “Oh just awful.” Sarah and Ben also say, “you suck.” Myrrah, Kantus, and Speaker lines are funny too as they say some other insult besides boo.

Oh well. Comes out to the same thing in the end, doesn’t it?

Most Boo emotes are not very individualized anyway. Kinda makes it a boring emote/expression to use.

UIR soldier hands down.


Sarah Connor: “You suck.”

“Shameful” “Meager, Pitiful” “How embarrassing.”

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Lahni is the most honest boo, she’s #1 with Baird in a close second, I picture him taking a deep breath before going boooo.

You mean just the best straight-up boo? Well, then I give it to JD. His has a little extra in it. “Booo hoo hoo!”

I meant a “believable” booo. There are a few that sound so forced it takes the fun out of it.

What would be really nice is if they removed all of the dialogue that was simply boos and put the creativity that only some of the characters have. Hell, I have a hard time believe Fahz who openly tells his team members to p*** off would simply say “booo!”

I’ll pick Keegan’s Boo since he uses such a snarky tone.

I remember thinking “Is this Baird or JD doing a Baird impression with that Boo?” when I heard it the first few times… well, I still do.

I like the Halo characters Boo.

Benjamin Carmine for sure

Off topic. Do you know if anyone listed or made a vid of the character kill streak dialogue? I noticed Baird mumbling incoherently full of excitement. I couldn’t really tell what he was saying while a teammate was going off on a kill streak. Same thing while I was playing with Cole, I had pretty good kill streak going and Cole was just going off verbally. I should of paid more attention to the dialogue.

I’ll probably make a thread. Nothing comes up on searches a couple things on Reddit.

Benjamin or UIR male easily

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I will forego my Lahni vote and go with Benji. “YOU SUCK!”

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