Batista's Glasses

Are they red or blue?

Changes at random.

I think there are 3 colors for the shades, blue, amber, and rose colored lenses to view the world through

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Any idea why, or how to change said color to your preference?

Variety and/or cool little attention to detail I’d guess. I don’t follow wrestling so if it has something to do with his character storyline I’m not aware.

The color seems like it’s randomly applied, if there’s a way to choose, I don’t know what it is, sorry.

I appreciate the reply, thanks!

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I don’t know if there’s any fact behind this but for me it seems like he has red shades on with the arcade Team Deathmatch and when I’m playing ranked he has blue. Check it out and see if it does that for you

I’ve seen purple shades on enemy Batistas.

I think it’s pretty interesting/odd. Cant think of any character in any of the games with a random element like that.