Batista sucks as Marcus

I think it’s cool when someone famous is a gears fan . Maybe the attention makes gears movie possible one day or breathes some fresh air or attention or something , but Batista makes a horrible Marcus .
Cool little thing in the game fine , but he sounds nothing like Marcus and it isn’t good for the character . Live action I’d rather have Josh Brolin or something just not Dave . Sorry Dave I’m a fan I like Drax but this ain’t it


You mean: Batista sucks Marcus!?


Watching That be better than playing 5 campaign


I swear I saw something about Universal Pictures would be the one to make the gears movie (which tbh sets in stone its gonna be horrible)

Universal Pictures hasnt been good in ages so my faith in them delivering a gears movie? is non existant.


Why would anyone ask for a movie-adaption with the current of state of most industries?
Did everyone already forget about this gem?


They got Bairds rank wrong :triumph:
as well as that.
“Anya are you seeing this?”

Youre messing with me right? this is surely a joke.

I thought the Tomb Raider was alright. I initally preferred the Jolie version but the whole film was pretty predictable.

Dont forget Hitman :joy::roll_eyes: that was made into a movie.

I am looking forward though to the Uncharted Movie. Love that game. Tom Holland and Mark Wahlberg looking forward to that one just hope its not ■■■■ :joy::joy::joy::joy:

Tom isnt a bad actor, just because hes a “debatable” spiderman and that hes in every movie. but people dont bag on Arnold who was in every lead role in the 80s and 90s :rofl: I love Arnold but its a bit hypocritical.
Hes trying to show his talent and im for it. I heard Cherry was pretty good as well.

I like Tom :+1:

Ive watched Cherry defo different if your used to seeing him in Marvel Movies. Friendly neighboured spider man to Heroin Addict but good. Looking forward to Uncharted.

For Batista though he’s alright ill take 1000 batista characters over them f***ing bright light rainbow WWE characters :roll_eyes:

What i dont get with those WWE rainbow skins are why did they all need a separate character each why not just characters skins :roll_eyes:

hes ok, I think its funny he wants to be Marcus but I think he would be ok. I mean I dont expect gears to be a grammy winning movie but It would be great if it had the title of best videogame movie lol.

is it really that big of a deal for you?

Its annoying but not a big deal. Wish i could filter them out of my characters that i have. But there are worse issues in the game besides those characters lol

agreed, I think to myself, they are fun little characters and weve had worse before, Judgement shaders…

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I want Terry Crews as Cole! “wooooo yeah baby!”

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Nah, I enjoyed Bautista as Marcus. It’s definitely different, but he did a good job.

Bradley Cooper for Baird tbh, he wouldnt be half bad.

His voice isn’t even close to a match of Marcus’s demeanor and personality… I rlly hope he isn’t considered for the film.

I can’t imagine anyone thinking he’s actually good for this role.


who would you like then?

“Linda Hamilton as Corporal Damon S. Baird”

I… get the feeling this isn’t entirely authentic.

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I like Crews, but anyone other than Lester Speight is heresy.