BATISTA BOMB! Unleash the editing ANIMAL!

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Title is cringe

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It’s for an app, informative titles are required :thinking:

Title is misspelled…

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What is “Unless the editing ANIMAL?”

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@GhostofDelta2 edits a lot of my posts…
Maybe a reference to him?
He can be quite the monster



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you get it until the 20th then it goes away

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It goes away? They are going to take it out of the game? What is the point??

They’re taking away the ability to earn it after the 20th, not taking it outta your inventory.

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Seems silly that it’s an execution for every character. Like, it would take a pretty big strong dude to pick someone up and slam them like that. Not to sound sexist, but Kait or Lahni should not be able to Batista bomb a Warden.


If I could start the game up to see it myself, that would be awesome. And it’s not my console either, because Overwatch boots up just fine.

So punching someone’s face off and stabbing a locust in the head where it’s canon that they can’t be cut by knives is fine, but BATISTA Bombs are too far? Lol


A stab and a cut are two different things. Their hide may be too sharp to slice open, but a singular-pointed push into the skull would be much easier.

Example, you can’t cut through someone’s skull in one swipe very easily, but stabbing into it would be much easier and require a lot more force. Or even use a piece of plastic, slash? Hardly an effect. Stab? Goes right through it.

But logistics aside, a skull-stab is much more Gears-y than the Bomb.

-Also, appreciate the seamless match-cuts (although looks easy enough) but the video in the OP is still kinda cringe-worthy for as long as it goes, I’d know… having a large gallery of poorly edited videos under my belt myself.