Batista achievement

Has anyone unlocked this achievement? I did act 4 as it has the least chapters but it went to 50% so I did all of act 1 it didn’t unlock or progressed any further

Going by the sentiment on the forum, I don’t think anybody intends to. It might not unlock because the patch was posted a day early though…

I unlocked the weapon skins achievements while going through the chapters but not this

That’s indeed strange then if the achievements are already live. Another bug to add to TC’s list.

Waiting on anyone else who’s got the same problem my friend has the same just now stuck on 50

People have it on Trueachievements.

Did they had a similar issue? Or a solution there?

Edit- rebooting game unlocked it


Can confirm this is true, my gm decided to shut down after killing the matriarch.

After reloading the achv popped, it was stuck on 25%.

I have it. Didn’t get it right away. I stopped playing mid act 2 cleared save data for gears and it popped upon loading game up again

Thanks for the info mine was stuck and reloading now.

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I completed the last act. It showed as 50%. Went to dashboard, quit the game. Reloaded. Popped on losing screen.

Lol Batista lmao.

Unlocked for me after completing act 1 and restarting the game