Bastions and Daddy's boy (inspired)... Not patched?

Read the the whole update on operation 5 and nowhere does it says that they have patched bastions or inspired card.

I wouldn’t be surprised if they were 5 demolitions classes in horde/escape with inspired cards, pretty much untouchable lol.

As for bastions, please fix that. Hate when they explode in your face lol.

Patch notes usually have missing items, they have probably fixed the inspired card problem, bastions however, can only say maybe.

Michael (Lead PVE) said on stream that duplicate bonuses would just pick the highest. So they wont stack.


I would wait until the patch notes for Monday(tomorrow, if you’re European, Asian or Aussie), or Tuesday until telling whether these bugs/glitches were fixed or not.

Oh okay. In that case. Can you shut this post down. Pretty much got my answer.

Thank you

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