Bastion playerbase

What’s this? The kamikaze players that charge into the battlefield just to go DBNO, or die, a lot.

These are the ones that have to be…
-On top of the leaderboards every match
-Get their ultimates up as fast as possible
-Will fly into the front blocking lanes, etc.
-Demand weapon lockers
-They go DBNO so much and they want you to pick them up ALL the time, as fast as possible

I played with a Lizzie like this recently, and they kept going down so much because they were playing so aggressive. They were even killing themselves like JD, even with having a weapon locker because they were impatient for them to reload :man_facepalming:t4:!

Have y’all played with these types of players?

Yes! Your playing with a 7 year old lol
That’s exactly how my son plays and I’ve been teaching him the proper way since day one but he just wants to do his own thing and try and get the most kills.


A couple of times. I just don’t think they get the concept of horde no longer being a rush into battle experience anymore. Back in the older games and even when I play gears 3 right now, people seem to rush head first into a fight slaughtering enemies left and right. It’s fun I get it

But gears 5 isn’t like that and doesn’t reward that type of play style like the older titles did and apparently it’s something that’s hard to grasp. Personally I think it’s both Good and lame that this change is a thing.

Good because this makes horde matches more strategic and adds a system into it. Lame because you basically sit in one spot for a whole match and use meta characters/weapons to beat it as fast as possible and if you step out of line even a little, you suck.

Honestly I miss gears 3 horde man. Not for the suicidal run outs, mostly for the dumb fun


Known as ‘public rambo’ back on Gears 2 Horde :slight_smile:

Well said. I was disappointed when they added “levels”, “perks” and “abilities” to Horde, not to mention those ridiculous “power taps”. It was unnecessary. Horde was loved for its simplicity; kill or be killed. Gears 4 had already crossed that line a bit far but we got used to it I suppose. Gears 5 just took it too far and now it’s barely recognisable. God only knows what a bigger mess it will be when TC update it in Operation 5.

I agree with your whole post apart from one part. I fixed it:

I loved the original Horde, played it a hell of a lot, but I agree Gears of War 3 definitely topped it off. It’s still the best.

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I would just like to state that Kait’s and the rare Lahni are exempt from this ridicule lol. I love rushing around with both of them ■■■■■■■ ■■■■ up. Playing Kait gets boring after spending enough time in cover on one sightline spamming two Gnasher shots into enemies. And Lahni’s useless playing in the base.

Yes, way more then i should have everyday since starting gears 5.
Its what makes me feel great about being rational and patient.

At the same time i am also that kind of person, except i do it differently. Like when i play as baird, i buy a weapons locker, put both my guns on it and run around for the first 20 waves using only the repair tool and my bear ■■■■■■■ ■■■■■■■ hands to kick Swarm ■■■! However, i only do this on beginner mode and only with baird (And lizzie).

Any other difficulty i play rationally, but with the handicap of using one main gun, grenades, and the pistol unless its above insane, past that i gotta actually be serious.

I have that problem too.

My son doesn’t get the scaling factor of health and accuracy.

What works on wave 1 should work on wave 50, right?


Wow kids hey lol
He loves playing it and always watches me but doesn’t listen to a word I say to him.


Kait still gets wrecked trying to rush, lol. Especially if playing on Master. Lahni? I’m not really sure about. Haven’t run into many Lahni players on Master in Horde Frenzy. When I played as her she was pretty good, but not as good as when shes in Escape.

I’ve played with a Lahni on master blood drive who ran around wrecking everything. I also like rushing with paduk and a retro, particularly on overload, though it works on most all maps. You can clear out a whole wave that way. And Kait I’ll do it for a couple of waves, get downed and then never do it again because I don’t want to lose my overkill lol.

Yeah, I know the pain of losing that overkill, lol.

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