Basic steps to improve versus

  1. Make the Lancer a pickup weapon

Retro/Sawed-off didn’t work as loadout weapons in Gears 3, Hammerburst/Enforcer didn’t work too well as loadout options in Gears 4, More Gnasher=Fun gameplay

Less movement=Less Fun and making the Lancer into a pickup weapon would solve this issue immediately. Instead of doing drastic and foundational changes like limiting stacks or making everything 4v4 a much simpler and more effective method to reduce the cross festivities in Gears 5 is to just make it into a pickup weapon. KOTH Gnasher proved that lancer isn’t needed or even helpful in Gears Versus.

  1. Anti-Camp technology

Instead of players being rewarded for corner camping why not create a system that punishes them for doing this? What I’m thinking is that if a player sits still/inactive for over 2 or 3 seconds they can be seen in Tac-Com, although this could be mitigated by moving around and such the reality is that all those movements would give off sound so it would still be an effective means of knowing where they were.

  1. Removing Ranked (or ranking system to be specific)

Gears 5 is simply not popular enough to sustain a proper ranking system, I also believe that the benefits of moving away from skill based would be things like party size matchmaking and maybe would allow more diversity in terms of gamemodes. Gears 1-3 had no ranking system and they did fine (arguably far better)

I know that this hurts because TC spent tons of time on building an ideal ranking system, but an ideal ranking system is simply not possible with Gears 5 or Gears 6 for that matter.

  1. Bring Customs Back

Players should get just as much XP in customs as in matchmaking, players should be rewarded no matter what they decide to spend their time in.

  1. Olly Oxen Free

Players should be given a forfeit option in Versus, maybe even a rematch option so that way in case you have a fun match against a team you can do try again. two different sides of the same coin.


“Anti-camp technology” is the best thing I’ve ever read alone and the way it would work sounds great


Never remove the lancer from the loadout. Lancer and Gnasher in loadout IS gears


This is a bit similar to the AR vs BR debate, BR obviously is necessary whereas AR is just for noobs lol.

Again, more lancer=less movement=less fun

People don’t play Gears to lancer each other all game, you will have a hard time finding lancer montages for this reason. Gnasher is what people love about Gears Versus, Lancer represents what everyone hates.

I am not saying it has no place in Gears, I am saying that it should be a pickup weapon like HB/Markza/Enforcer all are. If they made it into a pickup weapon they could actually buff it btw, maybe then it’ll be like it was in 2006 where chainsaw unstoppable :joy:

These aren’t basic steps, they are opinions!

If anything, what was the point of the load out option being in the game if it isn’t even utilized other then the grenades? At this point in the gears trilogy, we should have way more load out options available then just the lancer and the gnasher. I know the gnasher is love, gnasher is life in gears, but I still don’t understand why we are not allowed to carry two of them on our backs like in the campaign just for the hell of it or why we can’t have the markanzasaratoga or the enforcer to replace it.

As for the ranking system, completely agree with you on that.

The anti camping system I also agree to, but instead of two to three, make it four to five seconds. Also during the invulnerable state when you revive, it should let you see where everyone is so you know about the situation more better so you don’t rush right back to being killed.

I always thought that custom games were what coop vs AI was before it became a thing. Did they remove the XP gain in custom matches?

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Compared to all the other garbage opinions I hear its closer to factual.

The problem with loadouts in Gears is that anything they give you off the start will only take away from how intense/fun the game can be, this is why retro/sawed-off were regularly scrutinized in the GOW3 days, not because they were OP (lancer of today is more powerful than those weapons were) but because all they did was suck the life out of Gears 3 versus.

Gnasher is the life and blood of Gears of War and for some reason Epic/TC fails to realize that, the only other solution I see is to nerf the lancer into oblivion but that’s not really fun for those who enjoy chainsawing dudes, which is why it should be a pickup weapon.