Basic soldier setup and horde questions

Hey guys I very rarely play Horde and I would like to play a little more often, so I’m wondering what peoples opinions are for the best all around cards for a soldier are ? I know it can depend on the squad your playing with but what is just the best all around combo for a solo player? I have only ever played Horde on casual or normal but I would like to play on the higher difficulties without making people mad so any advice would be appreciated.

Either have a rifle build or frag build. I’ve never found you can mix the two really on the highest difficulties.

If you feel like just having a good time, max the HOD and go hit it whenever you see 13000 power in the fab. I like pretty lights.


You’re playing with fire pal!


Do you find one or the other to work better? I have been using a combination so that could be part of my problem. Lol I also like pretty lights, haven’t gotten to try the hammer yet, I wanted to wait for it to be maxed and it finally almost is!

Depends on strategy and player preference.

If a scout or heavy will trade you a retro, a full rifle build can be effective. Some people only enjoy shooting things.

If you like being a little more stealthy and planting between waves, frags can be fun.

I personally would play frag build and grab a dropshot. I prefer shock frags as well.


Lol. At least I said do it with a maxed HOD. If I had a nickel for every time someone uses it and I only get to see the bright lights a couple of seconds…ugh.

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I run…
Assault Rifle Damage
Assault Rifle Magazine
Active Reload Damage
Cover Boost
Grenade Damage

I pick up an Enforcer and run double rifles until wave 7-8 when a Hammerburst drops, then I swap my Enforcer for that. I run out between waves to pick up the far ammo box from the base to replenish my nades and plant the two I have, I also watch for addition nades on the ground and mark them for teammates. I only run a grenade solider on speed runs as I find it boring, but it can be fun on non speed runs just finding cover and blind tossing a mess of explosives.

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Mine is level 5. For one more second I don’t know that it’s worth the scrap for someone to spend to make it level 6.

For certain speed runs, I think it absolutely makes a difference. For anything else, you are most likely right.

This is all so qwesom

That’s why I’d like multiple load outs in gears 5 so you can build both frag and rifle and swap depending on map or team set up.
I just use what I feel like.
Usually rifle though. Can’t be ■■■■■ to run to plant frags and makes life easier for the scout not having to run or over looking for the power.

If I’m playing normally (i.e.: non-speedrun) I go for a mixed rifle-grenadier build. My personal choice of cards is:

  1. Active Reload Boost (this works on all weapons - not just rifles)
  2. Rifle Damage Boost
  3. Grenade Damage
  4. Resupply
  5. Grenade Capacity or Cover Boost

You’ll need an Engineer to build you a weapon locker though as this build doesn’t have any ammo capacity buffs.

I favour the Hammerburst which can do alot of damage and from reasonable long ranges. As the difficulty ramps up you ideally want the enemy as far away as possible. The Enforcer is very good at close range too, but generally I find if your team mates are good you rarely need to do much close range work. And with my chosen grenade cards, if the enemy does get close by you can also blind throw a couple of grenades at them from cover anyway.

On harder difficulties it’s important to remember that the Soldiers role will shift and you will get less kills as the enemy can tank damage like crazy. Your role will shift to support and softening the enemy for the Heavy and Sniper.

Shock Grenades are very good for crowd control, and especially if your Engineer is making good use of barriers and decoys which force the enemy to congregate into choke points.

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That sounds very similar to what I was running Pepper.
Should the two ammo crates on the map be rotated between everyone or do certain classes get first dibs? Ive seen a lot of fights over ammo.
The hammerburst is definitely a great gun and I too often replace my gnasher with that.
I did not know about the role of a soldier changing in the harder difficulties. Thank you for explaining that and thank you for all the great information. This is incredibly helpful.

Thank you everyone for all your help on this. I tried to reply before but my finger slipped on the reply button with only a misspelled awesome lol.

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I think if the Engineer builds enough weapon lockers for everyone, then it becomes a bit irrelevant. In this case, I’d say that Soldiers should get priority given that they get more grenades from ammo boxes and they have the grenade buffs, whereas the Heavy or Sniper’s buffs are focused around other weapons. Obviously the ammo boxes can be for anyone, and if the Soldier has Resupply then they gradually get grenades anyway, but with enough weapon lockers then they become less urgent.

Just to add, the shift in the Soldier’s role isn’t as a result of players changing their styles very much. It’s just that as the difficulty and enemy stats ramp up, the Soldier is disadvantaged compared to other classes in my opinion.

The key thing about the Soldier when rifles are concerned, is that they have to poke their head out for sustained periods to provide sustained fire, and as the enemy’s damage output and accuracy increase on later waves the Soldier has to spend more time ducked behind cover and as a result can’t provide the same level of sustained rifle fire. And as the enemy gains more health later on, they take twice as much damage before they die.

In comparisaon, Heavies and Snipers use alot of single round weapons so they just pop their heads out, fire a single round, then duck back in cover again to reload, so it’s played differently to Soldiers.


Very well explained. Thank you for taking the time to help out the less experienced it helps a lot!

Now does anyone feel like playing with a less experienced player? I’ve tried 3 horde games so far today and basically everyone has quit almost immediately