Basic Escape Tips & Tricks Guide

Hey guys. I made a quick Basic Escape tips & tricks guide . Didn’t mention everything I’d probably like to mention but didn’t want a 15min video either. Figured it would be helpful to new Escape players in general. I’ll have an Advanced Escape tips & tricks up coming soon. Enjoy!


Thanks, There is a lot of noobs running around in escape.

Common sense isn’t a common virtue.

Hopefully some will see this and change their ways.


I think you’ll need more than one more video to cover everything! There’s truly so much to learn about Escape and PVE in general. I’m still learning new things all the time and I like to think I’m a fairly experienced PVE player. You could do a whole video on melee combat alone!

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I would say you are pretty experienced bro. :crazy_face:


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I gota say it’s pretty cool you doing a guide for escape like this. As BP has stated if you wanted to take it further for maybe each character then that would really help also.


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I don’t usually play Escape but I thank you for the guide, perhaps one day I could try it out more :slight_smile:

I’m more a horde and a osok player to be honest :slight_smile:

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I think there’s lots of different ways of organising the information into videos. It could be done on a character-by-character basis (although some characters are much more useful than others); Hive-by-Hive; or based on subject areas. I suppose subject areas is probably the best way, because I wouldn’t want it to be too prescriptive -I’d like to give players the information and let them decide how to apply it in a game-situation.

Having said that, I’ve yet to see an Escape Hive playthrough with analysis commentary with it. Even if it was added retrospectively as a form of reflection, where the player talks through the Hive, and the thinking behind their actions etc and why they did it; or even highlighting mistakes which is a good form of reflective learning. I think this would be interesting and show a reactive side to the game (e.g.: because the enemy did this, I responded by doing this). The ideal guide would be one which is somehow split into 3 videos showing all three players. Sometimes when I watch playthroughs I’m wishing that I could see what the other two players are doing!


My biggest bug is non weapon characters taking ammo like cole, jd and del etc when u have a fahz or kait.

Had a kait on the clock who used (wasted) lots of ammo killing all the juvies and rejects before we even got to the 1st safe room, i was marcus trying to execute for my ult but dumb kait messed that up. Pretty sure they ran out of ammo near the end and we almost failed.

Experienced and breathtaking :wink:


horrible mic-quality

Fahz doesn’t get ALL the ammo

Bleeding allows to escape from a Sire-grab either by damage dealt or death AS long as a team-mate is present in the game somewhere i.e. not dead similiar to the Pouncer who will insta-kill you if you’re playing solo

Seriously, the static is really offputting.

And if Fahz is holding a Longshot he gets all the ammo, period. If you’re really desperate for ammo you can just tell him and drop/trade your weapon of choice and get ammo that way.

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No doubt!

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Thanks for the video. Helpful info.

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I’ve actually made a video on that as well. A few months back.

@HerrKatzchen Static? In my mic? If there’s any background noise you heard it was probably just the fan I had.

@Bleeding_Pepper I’ve actually made Master tutorials with voiceover on all hives that have been out.

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That’s even worse. Why would you not turn that off for 5minutes?

Sorry but to me it was pretty silent. I’ll remember for next time. It was more than 5min lol more like 3+ hours to do all the voiceover, editing and adding clips and not to mention the time it took to get the clips. Thanks though :slight_smile:

Yeah I’ve watched some videos, maybe from this guy and a few others. You’re right, it’s usually just play by play of what happened which we would’ve figured out anyway. There’s no discussion of hive layout, why they took this route, which enemies can spawn, what they could’ve done instead, benefits of using certain characters, characters that wouldn’t work for this, etc. Often what the person is saying is actually wrong, lol, but hey, they did something that worked and we can figure out what they said was wrong, and the videos are still helpful anyway. Not that the videos aren’t useful, as they serve as one example of what does work on that hive at least.

To be fair, I watched a couple of @Dr_Shwazz’s videos just now and there was some of this in his commentary - talk of enemy combinations, what weapons are in some of the supply rooms etc. What I had in mind was a bit more in depth, but that would probably involve stopping the video and using replays as there’s a fair bit of talking involved. It’d be similar to sports commentary where there is sometimes replays of key moments etc. It’ll take more work I guess. :slight_smile:


Only so much I can do in Upload Studio and a $30 mic lol

I do go into some of that detail in my videos…I mention what enemies spawn in what areas and the possible RNG sets you can get and what weapons are available and also do talk about which characters to run and not run. Honestly if I went into more detail, the Escape videos would be 2 hours long and I don’t want that. Simple, basic and easy to understand walkthroughs was what I was going for.

Thanks for the feedback :slight_smile:


Alright I’ll take a look. Sorry, didn’t meant to criticize you specifically. I was just going loosely off memory, (which admittedly may not be the best) of a few videos in general I’d watched in the past.

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The boltok is the most powerful pistol so in my games the boltok player (MAC or Fahz) pick ups the guns then loads up for everyone then drops it. You play differently?