Barrier question

So I did testing.

Level 1 still freezes.

When Del upgraded to Level 2, then Lizzie gets the credit for kills and Barrier still freezes. I know it looks like I shot bullets but that was to lower the Drone’s HP so he can be frozen by Barrier. The Leech just died instantly, no freezing.


Was able to replicate it.


Was it always like this or when TC changed attribution of kills to the original purchaser did it cause the barriers to keep the cold finish attribute?

To patch lizzies freezing barriers, TC must rework all coding for freezing card. This card has no limitation when it comes to damage source, it is possible that shock can freeze too, and even maybe incendiary grenade too, anyway it would need a game update to patch it. Fahz card has damage limitations(active, precision rifle, weak spots) and it was coded in a way that TC is able to tweak it through service live update or was patched with recent tuning update patch. Also, I don’t think enemies has weak spots on their feets :wink:.

I noticed that only with enemy patterns with leeches waves. I think that leeches are too slow in movement. Also you can have 15-20 leeches per wave so it can be a reason. Also if you have a team with jack, early waves are longer cause of necessity of forging weapons to have decent base fast. If you play with randoms with no experience and/ or no communication, waves also lasts longer.

What do Fahz’s barriers do?

Fahz’s barriers used to be able to freeze enemies when he had an active reload, similar to Lizzie’s freezing barriers we have at the moment.

That was patched a week after Op3 dropped. The card was reworked so that it would only deal freeze damage on critical hits, and I don’t think any enemy has a weak point at the feet (except the Stump maybe?). Even so, Stumps don’t move often, its unlikely they will get stuck in your barrier at all.


Is Fahz’s icy precision card now working as intended? When I last tried it, it only seemed to deal the amount of freeze damage on the card… 13% for level 3 i think. It didnt increase per shot as the description would seem to imply.

One of the crazy things TC does it put limited, often confusing, descriptors on horde skill cards. Then some cards have other benefits as well while some don’t work like you’d think they would.

Working as intended doesn’t have much meaning. Especially when cards are stealth nerfed. Not even TC is probably aware of how they all work.


I doubt there’s a lot to patch for Cold Finish. Well, except for maybe that it freezes Wardens and Matriarchs even when it hits their bulletproof skin/crystals, but then TC might break the skill in its entirety while trying to fix a mostly minor glitch(assuming it is that as I’m uncertain if the skill requires shots to deal actual damage to inflict freeze on an enemy), and then possibly take ages to make it work again, so I’d rather they don’t even try.

Yes, you’re right, this is minor bug. Experienced programmer should handle it easy. There are couple of thing it needs be done:
-restrict damage only to damage of weapon that Lizzie is holding (simple reference, this would partially exclude some other freezing sources)
-restrict freeze effect to apply only when you do at least 1 damage point (no more freezing armoured enemies without taking any damage)

  • exclude damage from grenades and fortifications(this can be done even through config file, also excludes some source of freezing effects)
  • and some minor function integrity and proper working checks (ensuring that card still is functional),

This should fix this in my opinion, but it can be far from reality cause I haven’t seen the code to be fully sure.

This overlooked parts of code also points out how damage is handled when it comes to fortifications. Technically they doesn’t do any damage, only builder (in unreal engine terms, the instigator, player becomes instigator when builds fortification) passively do any damage, the rest is only graphical representation of working fortification that did not do any damage to hide this workaround.

I noticed that freeze effect works very strange, instead of doing some damage level (example: enemy freezes when you do 1000 freeze damage), it just sums up % of dealt damage ( if you have 33% freezing you shoot 3 times to fully freeze enemy). It can be seen mostly on fahz. It also points out that Lizzie should hold fast shooting weapon for fast freezing enemies.