Barrier question

If Lizzie makes a barrier and it’s upgraded by an engineer does it still keep the freeze effect?

No it belongs to the engineer now

No that’s incorrect. The freeze effects remain.


Hasn’t been that way unless something has changed. Fazh’s barriers could be upgraded, but not Lizzie’s.

I did this a little over a week ago. Unless there’s been a change since, this should still work.



I’ll try today and update.

Really I thought this was always a thing since Gears 4? When I play and I upgrade Lizzie barriers, some Lizzie players get mad because they no longer get their freeze effect

Yes it was, until this most recent update I believe.

Let’s see if @Slipping_Flames comes back here to verify.

What I do know for sure, is that barrier kills are now credited to the player that purchased it in the first place.


I know it worked with Fahz’s Barriers at start of Op 3 but not sure about Lizzie’s. Then it stopped working… so I’m not sure anymore.

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Yeah the kills are attributed to the last person to have upgraded them.

With Lizzie’s barriers, they initially had to be level 1 for the freeze effects to remain; however there was a change at some point - I think maybe when Operation 3 went live. I don’t know if the last update changed it back, but there was definitely a point where an engineer could upgrade them and retain the effects.

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I don’t think it works with Fahz anymore. His Icy Precision got patched which used to affect other weapons, Shock and Barriers to cause freezing effect.

About Lizzie, I don’t understand why they haven’t patched it yet or it was intended.

Sorry I think you misunderstood me. What I’m seeing is level 2 Barrier kills coming up on the kill feed for Marcus.

What if Lizzie was used? I mean, for all you know, Lizzie’s Level 2 Barrier could credit to Engineer. Rather than using Marcus. Just trying to be consistent with character used.

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Okay to be honest I have not looked into this topic much at all, and I don’t even have Lizzie unlocked :sweat_smile:

So I did some limited testing. Like 2 waves worth.

Only had leeches and imagos. I never saw any freeze from upgraded barriers, but those enemies take limited damage before just dying anyhow.

Two imagos went down on a level 3 barrier, crawled a second before dying. No freezing apparent.

Level 3 cold finish.

More Health on and Wave 11+ for 2.0x Enemy HP helps.

So if it doesn’t work with upgraded, it still works when Level 1?

I would test but I’m currently not on Gears.

I saw no freeze effects at all. I had a mixture of level 1-4 barriers.

Makes me a little hesitant about my results.

I’m in the menu now if anyone wants to play around with it.

I started with wave 41 just to have enough money and on beginner difficulty.

It used to be, before operation 3, but that doesn’t happen anymore. The person who purchased the fortification gets the credit on the kills. I know this works on sentries and barriers I bought as a JD on a master I did last week.

Here’s an odd question.

I’ve not seen a single post about it, but it appears to me that horde waves have become much longer. Like it takes longer for all the enemies to spawn.

Anyone else notice waves taking longer?

I felt like this since launch, that for some reason matches would take well over two hours even on a low or mid level difficulty setting, opposed to Gears 4 where I found they very rarely went far above the two hour mark(for 50 waves). Of course the whole Jack thing doesn’t help, but even without one it still takes so long. I’ve been wondering what the reason was for that. What you’re saying might just be it.

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