Barrier bleed glitch

Are the developers working to fix this barrier bleed glitch? It’s making horde super tedious atm. I get that it’s the only reason anybody is playing grace at the moment. (She needs updating to become relevant) but I kind of miss actually playing horde rather than everyone I come across insisting on sitting behind bleed barriers :unamused:

Working as intended.

Carry on ;).


Am not a really big fan on Grace myself to be honest. I think it’s kind of not fair for those players who have spend money for her as a playable character long time ago, knowing that how useless she was before in horde. For that particular of reason I would say let them enjoy it until they fix the glitch.


I’m with you on grace. She needs to be improved, pretty useless character especially since a lot of us payed for her. Just like Kat and Sarah connor. But I hate having a glitch ruin my gaming experience. Literally nobody wants to actually play properly on the higher difficulties atm.

How is it not playing properly? If you don’t like playing with grace then host your own lobby and don’t allow grace. Why would you join randoms and then get upset they’re using grace in a way you disapprove? Makes no damn sense.


Working as intended. You didn’t know? Grace’s mace isn’t actually just a mace. It’s legendary weapon, magic mace of blood magic.


Some players seem to be all about exploiting glitches.


All non Engineers with bonuses to Fortifications need sorting, glitch or not.

The Engineer is in enough trouble as it is with the bloody Fabricator wide open, The Coalition saw fit to open it for all and everyone not thinking about the Engineer at all. No Perks for compensation, and forced to serve as the repair man for all the others that have bonuses to Fortifications. Grace, Lizzie and who else…

Not good if you ask me. The Coalition have a lot to answer for.


Making purchases available to everyone was a bad move, though I’ve only come across a handful that exploits it yet.

Is it fair for paid dlc to be nearly worthless? the glitch is welcomed for reparations. It won’t matter come OP5 and she will be useable again with Cole Train classes applied.

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Even my regular teammates are insisting on this glitch. I literally never play with randoms, so I can either play with randoms and get garbage or stick with my usual teammates who are all playing using this exploit. Not a great choice.

Good troll thread OP. What a dou …

I will say The Coalition will fix this and Lizzie but actual things broken and not fun like Kait’s chain doesn’t. Coalition logic.

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