Barracks on Master

What’s up with players not understanding the speed the venom moves? It’s really frustrating.

You mean when you press the scrubbers? I had a little problem, debating over when to press them. I wanted to press them straight away while team member as Lahni wanted to press them later. But even after we take out the Juvies pack (me as Cole), we were not even in Venom. So what’s the point in waiting to press the scrubber? And we would’ve needed as much time possible to reach the 2nd Supply room for COG Tag and Dropshot. And for the 2nd drawbridge / lift to rise.


I think a few players have not understood the hive is literally designed with use of the venom fans to slow its spread down. I think it’s a neat design, but some may not have realized the point of the fans yet. It do is nice when you get players who understand how important they are though.

I don’t think the Dropshot is that great on Barracks when a lot of its tiles have rather low ceilings where it is difficult to hit Dropshot headshots accurately with it. Not like say, The Line where most tiles have a high ceiling that makes it easy to land successive Dropshot headshots(particularly if the Scion just decides to stand around looking at you instead of moving closer). If anything you’d likely just go to the other supply room for the COG tags and extra Longshot ammo if Snipers spawned, and to access the other two venom fans in the area. As well as allowing you to draw away the Scions outside of the saferoom leading to the barracks act if you go over the raised platform things(idk if they can really be called a drawbridge).

The last encounter tile has high ceiling. Even if we land Dropshot next to them on low ceiling tiles, it will still bleed them out. Especially the Elite Drones.

That’s if you’re Keegan. But I don’t see him taken often on The Barracks, even if it does make the hive somewhat easier. He is not necessary in it by any means. Particularly with the Longshot damage buff that was made in Op 3 update.

I had a Keegan in group when I beat it on Master the 2nd time. I wasn’t playing him so I don’t know how effective he could have been.

He is useful for clearing up the Wardens. That much I can say. But otherwise, his usefulness is limited there, I find, particularly when it comes to the first act. And he still has to bypass execution rules on the Drone Elites with another shot if he was not killing them with direct hit/headshot of the Dropshot. Maybe he could kill some Scions but again, I found they are usually not that difficult to handle.

And really, the Dropshot isn’t that great in the hive overall if there’s just that one encounter at the end of the barracks act where it can be used properly. Well, if it doesn’t somehow land a super massive hit on a Warden through mysterious circumstances when it hits directly.

This is interesting, and it’s crossed my mind. But, it seems, the faster you click it the better.

The issue I’m mainly seeing is someone staying behind to make sure they pull the second lever that heads towards the safe room. If someone forgets to push that one that venom catches up so quickly.