Bar guests from ranked

That’s it. That’s the thread. No, I don’t care if you want to play with your friend, you have social for that. Ranked is where you go to actually try (except if you try, you get called a try hard who plays this game 24/7), and you can’t do that in splitscreen. There has never been a splitscreen group who wasn’t in last place.


If I see a splitscreener in the ranked pre lobby I hit the road. It’s just as bad as the noobs who are like 2 rank and think it’s ok to go in and destroy ranked matches after playing one match of quickplay.

They should ban split screen from ranked and make it that you have to complete 25 quickplay matches before ranked opens up as an option.


Can’t leave the lobby or you’ll incur a penalty, so it’s take a temporary ban (which was over a month long for me if I didn’t rejoin the game in progress once, despite only leaving 1 single game in Gears 5 before) or suffer through the absolute worst experience in the world with 2 useless bodies who always, without fail, don’t know how to play and feed forever.

Do you actually get a penalty for dissolving a lobby? While matchmaking I’ll hit the RT most of the time it will show lobby forming and your team and others names rank. If I don’t like what I seen I back out. Most non re up players are the ones who quit or low gamerscore. I just back out and I haven’t been ban at all. I’ve actually been doing this for the past month. With that said. It actually doesn’t help people still quit but it prevents you from having straight up noobs.

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The times I’ve fat fingered the buttons on my controller and accidentally hit the B button, it tells me that a penalty will be incurred if I leave after the lobby is put together. I haven’t tried it to confirm, and the error message makes me never want to try.

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I would always quit in the pre-game lobby when I saw that on my team.

You do not get a penalty when it’s at map vote stage. If you are stuck with splitscreeners regularly pay more attention to the lobby before the match loads up.

Sometimes it will say penalty but it isn’t as long as it’s pre lobby at the map vote stage.

This is an easily solvable problem for you.

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Huh. Then why say there will be a penalty if nothing actually happens? I’ll keep this in mind for the future then.

Trust me you can quit out during the map vote pre it.

I have seen the warning a few times when I quit out but it does not suspend you. Google it or try it out. What’s the worst that could happen? A short ban?

Try it.

I agree with you fully. Why even go into a ranked match while split screening other than to ruin your team mates match?

Split screeners in other team=easy win

Split screeners in your team=taking a beatdown

Wel my last “ban” was for like 45 days despite intentionally leaving only 1 single game prior to that point, so yes I’m cautious.

Post the question on the forum asking is it safe to quit a ranked game in the pre lobby while the map vote is taking place and I’m sure you will get enough replies to put you at ease.

i completely agree. Guests should be for social. End of story. THIS ISN’T HARD, HOW DO YOU MAKE THE WRONG CHOICE HERE!?