Banned Without Explanation

I don’t want to sound like the typical person who says they did nothing wrong but I really don’t understand how it is that I cheated. I have written private messages on twitter explaining my situation to the coalition and that has been ignored. However, they were quick to put me on blast with a tweet and say that I was banned for cheating.

I have played this game since its release and done nothing but throw my money at them with the UE and E-Sports supporter packs. I’ve had little to no issue with the game and never thrown a complaint. I have been a supporter of the Gears franchise since Epic created it and continued to support it when The Coalition picked up the IP.

Within the last month I bought a brand new laptop, MSI Raider RGB edition with gamesense, and started to enjoy the game on the go. My laptop comes with a steel series program to sync my RGB keyboard with the video game’s sounds and effects to add to the experience. My only crime was trying to do that exactly, to enhance the already wonderful experience I was already having with the wonderful Gears franchise I’ve grown up with and love. I had no idea I was not allowed to do so since it’s totally fine to do with other games.

This is my main game and to be banned without explanation feels like finally meeting your childhood hero, only to find out he’s a a huge ■■■■■■ bag who doesn’t care about his fans. I just want somebody from the coalition to just spare a minute or two with me, or reach out to me with some details as to how I am really a cheater.

I don’t want to create a new gamer tag. I don’t want to lose the time invested, which is almost 2 years , and I definitely don’t want to lose the $200 I’ve spent on this game over an innocent mistake. I deserve your time and attention for the time and money I invested in your game.


You’re saying that getting the game audio to trigger light effects on your keyboard was the reason for the ban? If so, that’s rough. Hope TC responds.

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Dude, that’s the only thing I could think of because I had to search the game’s files to try to do it, even though I did not succeed.

@TC_Octus @anon86589457

Can one of you provide an answer as to what happened here?



I’m guessing it’s because he accessed the files to do the RGB mod. It’s a tough situation, and one that’s left to TC discretion. Hopefully, they’ll be able to see if he’s abused it or not and give him a pass on this one if he’s clean. Getting someone there to take note will be the biggest challenge (esp on E3 week).


Maybe they saw the code as malicious. Best for TC to answer


That sucks. How long you been banned for or is it a permanent ban?

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First of all, you have not been ignored. I responded to your public tweet yesterday (Monday) and I also sent you a private message on Twitter, which you acknowledged with a “Thank you for the response” reply.
As mentioned, your first public tweet was sent on Sunday when our offices are closed. The Community Team was at the office to focus on the announcement of our 3 new games at the E3 Xbox Press Conference. So again, you were not ignored, we were busy with this major announcement and all the works that need to be done.

Now regarding your ban – as I told you in my private message, we are looking into this and I will get back at you as soon as I have an update. We never ban an account slightly, but instead go through a deep investigation for each case supported by players reports coupled with our own game data and tools. Please bare with us as we take another deep dive at your specific case.

Thank you.


Good stuff, Vectes. I’m not the one who had the ban, but as a very active community member I appreciate seeing your professional response and transparency.


I agree. Seeing Vectes take the time to reply to this concern is really cool because it’s not something that always happened in the past. As a Gears fan and player, I appreciate his efforts!


Nice to see a response, thumbs up. Give this guy a raise.


Wow, I’m sure everybody appreciates your time to respond - thank you!! :blush:


Same here. I tagged Vectus and Octus in hopes to bring some transparency and show there can be communication here. I have no punches in this fight so as an outsider it’s still nice to see a response.


Yeah, hopefully he gets his answer :+1:

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hey ive also received a ban it seems pretty common with the pc players is there a specific reason i was banned and if so why please get back to me whenever possible on here or my gamer tag furrydomi

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@anon86589457 @TC_Octus

Another player with a ban is curious as to what happened. Any help is appreciated. :grinning:

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This message was written before I saw your response. I understand E3 is a busy week for you guys. i will wait your response patiently.

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Hey @furrydomi and @Krylon_Blue, I will have a look at your accounts tomorrow. Please stay tuned.



My account is fine. I was tagging you so you can look into their account as they didn’t tag you :laughing:


Hi @I_Drewski_l,

As we mentioned, our investigations are diligent and we took your report seriously.

We launched a deeper investigation based on your post and discovered certain programs can result in one of our protective measures being triggered. The measure in question is but one of many systems that help us identify potential tampering with the game.

Based on these findings, we have unbanned all users who found themselves in this situation, including your account.

Moving forward, we’ll be taking this discovery into account when determining action.

Thank you for your patience and understanding as we reviewed your case carefully. We take these investigations very seriously, and always have an in-depth look at the reports and account.