Banned with no timer?

Hi guys, so iv been playing 2v2 with a buddy and we continued matchmaking after a game by accident.
So we decide to back out as we didn’t want to continue playing this game mode.
We try to join ranked tdm and apparently iv received a ban?
I didn’t see a warning when backing out of 2v2 or I would have stuck the game out.
Am I banned for good?
Iv had a few disconnects before in other game modes as my internet isn’t the best so I imagine this has contributed?

Nope, you’re not. This has happened to just about everyone. Don’t worry about it. You should be a able to play within the hour I believe

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It is a bug that there is no timer how long you are banned. It should be a 30 minute ban

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Pretty sure that TC have removed the timer for all bans now.

The smallest ban is 30 minutes I think.

Assuming your quit-history is good and you’re not a regular serial quitter, then it should just be 30 minutes but I dont think anyone but you will know what it could be to be honest.

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Thank to all who have responded I appreciate it!

I have no longer been banned and can continue to get bodied online :joy:

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