Banned with no explanation?

So about a month ago I got on Gears 5 and after loading into the main menu I got a message after trying to open the multiplayer tab that said “One or more players is restricted. EXE HER0 is banned.” Its been a month or so since that happened and every time I try to play I get the same message. My problem is I have no idea what I did in order to get banned. I never got a previous warning or suspension leading up to this, and furthermore didnt get an email telling my why or for how long I would be banned. Ive put in two support tickets and gotten absolutely NO help from the Coalition. I still have no idea what I did! Ive looked up reasons and talked to people about why people tend to be banned, such as cheating and being overtly toxic (as was the case with VitalSam and other pros involved in the twitch chat sexual harrassment incident), of which I have done neither of those types of things to any degree. The only thing I could think of that could have got me banned is trash talking in game chat, but when I do do that I never say anything excessively toxic. If it was the trash talk, why was I not given a warning or suspension before being banned? Especially considering I have never made racist or ableist or homophobic remarks, or anything thereof. I only go so far as to banter with people, so I am completely confused as to what I could have done, if anything, to be banned like this. I have been a fan of this franchise since I was young, played through ALL the games (even Judgement) and to be thrown into the garbage and be totally disregarded like this by the developers feels absolutely horrendous. Ive tried my hardest to get into contact with TC to get this resolved but have been completely ignored. If anyone could somehow help me in this regard I would appreciate it.

Send in a ticket and wait, nothing else can really be done.