Banned from the Discord server?


Recently I found out that I wasn’t in the official Discord server anymore. I tried to join, but I received a message that I was banned! I didn’t do anything to deserve a ban, If anything I was basically inactive. Is there a way to find out what happened and why I got banned? Thank you in advance.

Lol I’ve played against you before

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This is Gears discord with active members if you wish to relocate :slight_smile:

What is your discord name?

A few users had been banned for spamming malicious links, but looks like their accounts have been compromised.

Thank you very much for replying. My name there is “Anima Pura#0377”. I do though have a feeling I was banned for posting a link to a session for Gears 5 in Apparently I can be banned from the server for “not getting the damage achievements legitimately”, but not the game itself (thank Jesus) and without a single warning.

Please, let me know if you can confirm this and whether I can be added back in. If I knew I couldn’t do that, I’d never do it, obviously. Thank you in advance.

I can’t see anything about you being banned, will ask one of the discord mods to follow up

I appreciate this a lot.

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Just curious, but what are they considering ‘legitimate’? Because I don’t feel that a boosting session for damage/assists should count as illegitimate. You’re still putting in time and effort to earn that progress on your achievement, it’s not like you’re modding your game file like people were doing for Seriously 1.0.


That is my exact thought too, but that’s the only post I remember doing on the server before getting removed, apparently. Hopefully @GhostofDelta2 will hear from the Discord mods and let us know.