Banned for what?

Just played a king of the hill game in ranked, after the second match (we were tied) and on the third the game boots me out because of the lost connection bs. No problem though as I load back into the game. Finish the whole game just to get suspended for an hour?! Tc what’s up with this?

Because the game doesn’t work right on every system it is put on plus it has a computer programed artificial intelligence that keeps track of your game history. Microsoft has been using it for years to combat cheaters. It now gets to ban people that guit to many ranked matches in Gears of War. This started in Gears of War 4.

The problem is that the only people that get banned and actually care that they got banned are the people that want to play but have issues with their internet or hardware running the game. The ban just needs to go away because the ranking system should be managing what happens to players ranks when quiters quit.

I think they should just let them quit and then when they search for a new match just put them right back in the same match they just quit. If they don’t search for a new match big deal let them keep their rank so that they can’t quit just to derank to get easier opponents and let the ranking system take care of the people that stay in the match. This might help stop people quitting because they are losing but it is never going to completely stop people from quiting out of matches.