Banned for Crashing in Ranked (not a rant)

So I took a little break from gears to play the new CoD and now that I’m back (and using an xbox controller now) I keep crashing when I skip kill cams. The screen goes black indefinitely so I control, alt, delete gears 5 not responding close application, reload the game and rejoin the match as fast as I can so I don’t ruin the game for the rest of the lobby (may take a rank hit for that round but whatever, just gotta go hard next round). This happens every other game or so but last night I got hit with a 1 day 6hr suspension from all of matchmaking (30hrs).

My questions are this: If this continues to happen, will I get perma-banned from gears 5? Should I just play arcade until this stops? Can I turn off killcams and will that help if so?

**just to wrap up this post, I don’t quick ranked games, occasionally I’ll accidentally start match making and close it out right away but thats pretty rare.

Thanks for yalls time.

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The current system uses a Ranked Completion Rating (RCR), which determines the length of suspensions. If you still fail to complete ranked matches when you suspension ends then you’ll get a longer suspension. Eventually the suspension will be so long that you’re effectively perma-banned. You can’t ‘fix’ it by playing quick play since RCR is only relevant to ranked modes. The only way to improve your RCR is to complete more ranked matches. If kill cam is causing a problem then I’d suggest turning it off.

TC have discussed changes in previous dev streams to address quitting in ranked but for now the RCR is still in effect.

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so I can turn kill cam off, If that doesnt work, Will sticking to quick play keep me off the RCR suspension system? I’d rather play some KOTH in quickplay than not play gears at all for trying to play KOTH exclusively through ranked,

and thanks for the info bud

Yeah, just turn the kill cam off and it should stop the crashing :crossed_fingers:

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I really hope so

Yes, you’ll be fine in quick play if turning off the kill cam doesn’t make any difference.

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Well if your game is crashing when you skip the kill cam then why would you not turn OFF the killcam?