Banned For 3 days (Unban me please!)

So here is the issue I am having with gears of war 4, The Coalition Developers Do not play this game on pc and if they did then they wouldn’t be putting this ignorant patch out on the pc. Criticism is important. I was in a couple of matches playing gears of war 4, My game froze which is a common thing on pc because The coalition Can’t really do anything to fix this bug like pressing the A button to go into cover but don’t register, even though your right next to it. This bug started in Gears of war ultimate edition and haven’t been fixed yet. So I rejoin the game because of the crashes. So 6 minutes ago I was in Clocktower, and my team was about to lose, but I feel like I could have clutch it out. It was me and my teammate left. Right before I was about to clutch it out, my game froze. Made as hell that the Coalition still haven’t fix this issue yet and the unregistered A button not going to cover, and re-releasing the same maps that came with gears of war 4. I try to join the game back the game banned me for 3 days. This is not a good look, especially if this bug carry over into Gears 5. So I writing this because I can’t get in contact with the company ( Called the Coalition Number 3 times and never got a answer) So im writing my frustration on their forum and I hope to get unban once they see this message. It should be no investigation, if you have to investigate why I got banned for 3 days then you are unaware whats going on about your game and this game been out for 2 years now.

My gamertag is RA Helios, Don’t know why It sign on to this account.

If you want to play on PC crash free, and you use Nvidia 900/1000 series cards, then you need to be on Drivers 382.53.

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Thank you for that information, but its sad that I have to do that when I play other games that needs other drivers to support the product. they need to fix this game with a hotfix and not bann pc gamers for their faults.

Sure, it’s not the best situation.

But it’s the only way to be crash free.

Gears 5 is out very soon so the inconvenience isn’t for much longer.

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What makes it so funny about what you said they updated this game 2 weeks ago.

That was just to add some character skins and challenges that carry over to Gears 5.

The game itself wasn’t updated.

You sure because before the patch their was no such thing as you getting banned for 3days. you just don’t play for 10 minutes

If you crash while playing, even though the game shouldn’t crash, you’re still screwing over your teammates. So either do the steps to not crash, or accept your suspensions.

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Get a Xbox One and play it there, no crashes, once a year maybe.

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I wouldn’t go that far! The X Box One has a few problems in itself. Nowhere near as bad as PC of course, but crashes still happen. Some of it seems to be due to XB though, and not due to Gears. Like being kicked out back to the XB dashboard - that’s happened to me for other games too.

As an average it happens maybe once or twice per week? And I probably play between 6-12 hours per week depending how busy I am.

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I can tell you what’s important, and that is paragraphs. They are your friends.


Dude your a idiot, and can’t comprehend anything. What age are you 14? Why are you playing this game!!! this can’t be a grown ■■■ man talking because if it is then that’s sad .

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I’m the idiot? You just posted a wall of text like you haven’t graduated from high school yet or something

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Wow, errors, I didn’t read it over before I post, O well, A idiot agrees that a person should get banned because gears 4 shouldn’t be crashing. Lol. What logic is that? Anyway You shouldn’t get banned for a game crashing . Don’t blame me because the game crashes blame the Developer for not fixing the game and making sure this problem would not be happening, but I knew idiots would come out of their holes and say something uncivilized like this. It’s expected

You are fking over your teammates. Do you understand that??? Stop playing ranked or downgrade your drivers. Just because TC hasn’t fixed the game on PC doesn’t mean you should fk over all four of your teammates every game you play. Don’t be so selfish.

50 iq ffs. This is a stupid post and  a duplicate of many.

But I know all of this will go over your head anyway. Like look at this lmao

A idiot


Yea, I hadn’t played in like near a year, hadn’t even had it installed on PC since I downloaded Destiny 2 when it went free on last November. I cracked and installed it last night.

I played 1 session of Quickplay, like 3 matches, smoothly. I played again a little later, it froze after a few matches. I had one more session a few hours ago, it didn’t crash. So, the issue is still there for me, but I’m not willing to revert drivers to so far back just for this game. I might play ranked eventually, just to get the Esports Kait, and hopefully the crashing stays far and few between.

I pray that the main issues with the game on PC come solely from the horrible Windows Store’s horrible infrastructure and UWP nonsense. Seeing that Winstore is going to be allowing for 32bit apps, hopefully that means they’re changing the whole UWP setup, the Windowed Fullscreen, and other nonsense. I still don’t trust it though.

If I get Gears 5, it’ll be on Steam, but we still don’t know how it’s being handled. I hope it’s not like some games that don’t actually install to the steamapps folder and just use the store page for purchasing. I would trust the performance much more if the game was actually installed through steamapps.

We know an Xbox Live Account is necessary, but if the Xbox App itself is necessary, that would mean there’s a much larger chance it’s not integrated into Steam fully and the worst case scenario of being the same exact install as the Winapps version. I really don’t want to have to trust anything to do with the Winstore. It’s proven itself repeatedly to not even be worthy of a low level unknown storefront.

How can I fk over my teammate dummy when the game is doing that you ■■■■■■, that is something you will never understand lol. Why would I play Quick match when I can’t even play the game mode that I want like I can do in Gears of war 3? not going to happen buddy. I play other games so I won’t be downgrading my driver when the coalition should be fixing their game. Its 100% their fault not mines. So who really ■■■■■■■ their teammates. Who is the real cause behind it? Coalition not mines dummy. So the real selfish person is Coalition. lol, this is why the youth shouldn’t allow to play games that is rated M for Mature. ( I can’t believe this idiot is blaming me for the game crashing instead of blaming the developers , Fking idiot, this is why I stop going to forums)

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Dense af

I think the point they’re making is that you know it’s gonna crash unless you’re on an nvidia card and revert to 382.53 drivers. So, if you play without doing that, you already know to expect a random crash, so you’re putting yourself in danger of being banned, and your teammates of getting a loss. It sucks, but yea, you can’t keep doing it and expect the system to not ban you just because the crash isn’t your fault.

If it was on Xbox and it crashed randomly, the Xbox player would have to deal with the ban also. It’s just that it’s gonna happen more consistently with you because of the PC issues with the game. So, sadly, you gotta either deal with the prolonged bans, revert drivers if possible, or just not play ranked until it’s fixed or until Gears 5 if you purchase it.

I don’t want to play Quick Match, if quick match was like Gears of war 3 where I can choose what Game mode I want to play and join in on the action, then that’s fine!!! But the coalition want to be simple like Bethesda and downgrade their Game mode to a voting system that nobody wanted and nobody ask for and I don’t know any games that makes a player vote to play a game mode or Type. That is unheard of. Any popular game, I can choose what game mode I want to play and join.

So I have to play core mode so I can play my TDM, execution or Dodge ball. So like I said before, who is the real person or company that is pulling the strings? The Coalition. Stupid decisions and practices. I am not downgrading my driver for a company that don’t want to fix their game. So it goes back to the Coalition Again.

Plus I like the fact before they updated the game, you only get banned for 14 minutes, After the update they went full retrd and banned people for 3 days knowing Pc players have issues playing the game, So It keeps on going back to their game.

If they actually updated their game and make quick match playable like Gears of war 3.

Quick match
King of the hill

I want to choose TDM

joining in progress.

instead of me voting on the game type or game mode then I would love to play it but they are not going to change it so.

This is what happened to me today lol

Core Mode, TDM, Gridlock, killed 6 people with the sniper rifle ( all headshots) then, I died and killed 2 more people, After that my game crashes. Rejoin and we won the game. I had 18 kills and 4 death, after I won, I got banned for 7 days!!! event though I rejoin and won the game!!!

This is what I am saying I don’t like idiots ( Forums players are idiots and toxic) telling me its my fault when its clearly the Coalition fault for not Fixing their broken game from gears of war 2. Rolling is much faster then running, this is the type of people we are dealing with here. FIX your game man!!! A quick hot fix preventing pc players from getting banned, If the player rejoin the game, the player shouldn’t get banned, or a 10 minute ban or no ban at all because gears 5 coming out in september.