Banned and no information

It has been 2 weeks since my support ticket. Why is it that when i am banned i do not get an email, reason or a time?
TC just leaves me in the dark.

it is also my first ban ever so that shows alot. i have sended my second support ticket and i will probably end up sending alot more just for the sake of doing it. i dont really care about the account but it had krampus thats the only reason why i want it back… has this happend to anyone else?

[tl:dr] bad customer support.

First ban is 15minutes. So no, it’s not. Unless you were banned for something else other than quitting. And Krampus will be back in probably less than a month.

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i never leave ranked games. never have never will do. must be something else.

I’ve seen you and some other people that usually play with you in ranked and you all make a lot of racist comments.

Wouldn’t surprise me if someone had either reported you or shown screenshots to TC and that’s why you’re banned.