Banned after finally getting my first game after 24 hours of waiting

Hello i got banned for 10 minutes my first game after waiting 24 hours to play because nothing was working yesterday. I finally get a game of KOTH and it freezes kicks me anf now i am banned for 10 Minutes if this keeps happening i will not be happy. Thanks @TC Please fix this issue and REMOVE my ban please thank you.
GT Eziily

I got kicked from a game just now. It didnt give me any reason, it just said “You were kicked” tried to reque and said I was suspended. Was i really slaying that hard?


I have just had the same thing, kicked from KOTH and now suspended for 15 mins from all game types, I have the same issues getting on yesterday and now I can get on I’m banned from my first game.

I know your upset. But the test hasnt even been up for 24 hours (I got a 10 min ban) Its a test and I know people have been waiting to play but calm down just a little. Also I doubt anyone is actually working at TC at this moment seeing as its very late at night in their time zone