Banned 3 months

Seriously I was banned for 89 days wt? Have been playing with no issues and I get banned. All the money I pay using Xbox live you decide to van me 3 months. Who can get or how to get out of this ■■■■ hole anyone?


They probably banned you for quitting too much. That or some other nonsensical stuff people get the cold bench for. You’ll just have to stick it out.

They are tracking people who are rampant quitters if you got a 3 month ranked ban then your last quit triggered it

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Same here. I was playing Monday and went to get a few games in tonight and I was banned for 86 days and 18 hrs.

Oh, that’s glorious. At least they’ll let you know why they temporarily brick you if you ask.

90 days is max ban for frequent quitters if they quit after the last update so my advice would be take the L move on


It’s B.S. all of a sudden the past comes back to haunt me with this new update.

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It’s not BS it tracks all your activity in game for the last 3 months. Quitting ruins the experience for others so this update is just the chickens coming home to roost for frequent quitters.