Ban Terminator for vs

Unless you’re a female.

For fun, here’s me testing RAAM’s hitbox, since he’s supposed to be a huge target:

This thread has been derailed enough. I tested Kait, who has a deceptively bigger hitbox, and RAAM, who has a deceptively smaller hitbox. That’s damning evidence.

The topic at hand was how the Terminators are extremely dark, they don’t speak, and they share footsteps with DeeBees. A start is to give them the older DeeBee footsteps from Gears 4.

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I don’t have any problem with them you can hear them a mile away. I actually don’t use that character because of it, I think it’s a disadvantage Imo.

This meme again?

The hitboxes are the same, the models don’t necessarily all show it. Big difference.

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Banned in competitive? How the hell does anyone not hear his clink clank all over the map?

I never wanted Terminator to begin with but its not broken or anything. It’s already tough to stealth in this game.

This is the entire case to take them out, I don’t care how loud they are, I can’t freakin see them to save my life! Literally!

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It was literally just proven to you. Are you just going to shirk evidence just to try and be right when you have no hope to be?

Maybe brighten their red eyes and and have red LEDs on their torsos?

So you’re saying the leg of ram or body of ram is the same size as kait?
Even as he tried to show with armored kait, the biggest female?


Same hitboxes.
Different model widths.

Damn near every shooter on the planet has this sort of thing.

What don’t you get?

Hitboxes are different than the Models.

You are confusing Hitboxes and Models to be the same but they’re not.

Everyone has the same hitbox, but their models are not the same width. That’s why I can play Raam without worrying about being at a disadvantage.

Sorry for losing my cool.

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Theyve already confirmed they share hitboxes, hence you can get a headshot without actually hitting some people’s head, because that’s where the hitbox is

Forgot to click reply on you so ^ that

Yeah these people don’t know how to complain, they’re all like 80IQ or less potatoes. All hitboxes are the same, terminator feels harder to hit though but does have the same hitboxes…

Nice posting a picture of a black man then talking about not comprehending. Real mature kid.

Dammit I fell for the bait. I’ve been bamboozled, that’s what this all was.

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'Scuse me I need to go rent @l_l_C_L_O_W_N_l’s name for a while.

Back on topic though what sounds could the Terminators have? There’s no Arnold to work with.

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Will be closing this and please try to follow the Guidelines set for this board when discussing the current topic…

TC has confirmed on multiple occasions that all models have the same hit boxes.

Thank you.