Ban quitters from ranked TC... how has this not been done yet?

I’ve only played 2 matches since the rank reset and guess what?

Ban them from ranked already.


They have a ban system in place already… Didn’t you hear of that guy that got banned for 2 years?

I’m not being funny here or anything but if I was in the middle of a game and had no choice but to leave because I’ve had to… I would. If it was more important than finishing the match then I don’t care who I impact when I leave.
That being said, I hate quitters and if someone quits in ranked for any reason what so ever I always report them under quitting early with the comment “quit in ranked play”. Now they might have the mind set that I have where what they have to do is more important than a video game. But if I’m in that situation and I quit then I’d expect people to report me for quitting early too.

I’m not talking a one off quit - we all know that’s not the issue.

As far as the guy getting banned for 2 years - I heard they cracked down on it and then immediately eased back because the system wasn’t reliable.

This problem existed in Gears 4 just as badly… so I’m not sure why they haven’t figured out a fix or a demotivational punishment.

I know you didn’t mean just the one off ones. I’ll test it over the weekend and see if I can get myself banned and add the results to here. But I’m sure if you quit around 3 matches in a row the ban hammer comes out to play

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Lol, good luck on the ban :smiley:

Use a smurf tho just in case

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Way ahead of you on that lol. I created a smurf account to test a few things with the medals so I’ll just use that account



I brought this up in the Ryan thread. Bans dont do a thing to quitters because they can just go play another game while the timer goes down. I suggested to Ryan maybe some sort of quitters playlist that way they can all play together and quit on each other. He said they have something better that they are working on lol


Tho when I run this test I’m gonna be pissing of a lot of people :open_mouth:

All in the name of science!! :man_scientist:


I’m excited to see what that means… Something needs to be done as a de-motivational.

if anything just type a message before you bounce. At least those that can read will go “Goddamnit… but… makes sense…”


I cant wait to see this also. I never really agreed with the ban since it affected people who get disconnected because of TC’s faults. I truly think a quitters playlist is the way to go. Let them all quit on each other


lmao! why not banned the store prices ? as for banning people lol the Gears population is low. I don’t think is a good idea but good luck trying banning people… People is what this game needs. :rofl::rofl::rofl:

Like i said before: BANs should be via console hardware or pc hardware for some minutes. People have 15 smurfs and getting banned 10 years of that account is not important


I use to care about ranked but the amount of quitters and afk players I stopped caring. As soon as someone quits I just leave or if someone is afk for more than a minute I leave. I have limited time to play mostly so I don’t waste my time trying to win a game where I’m going to lose points for even if I win. Sadly banning people just leads too people playing on a different account or people just quitting the game which both have negative impact on the game. I just don’t play anymore especially with all the new games that came out and with halo reach coming to pc I might comeback after some months

The amount of quitting is this game is rife! More than any gears I’ve played… Out of 10 ranked matches, I’d say 3, maybe 4 had no quitters. There’s obviously a problem.

Rolling lobbies by game type with bot filling (for certain modes like KOTH but not TDM) is and will always be my solution. Its how I played the original trilogy. Do most other shooters COD etc have this problem? Nope. Stick a few more game modes into the Competitive playlists (eg KOTH) with harsh quit penalties. Solved.

Truth is, players that want to casually play a specific game mode are forced into the ranked playlists eg KOTH.

Why doesn’t anyone acknowledge that this is one of the main reasons that ranked modes are full of ‘leave when they feel like’ type of players? And no, they wont play social quick play cos who wants to play game modes that they dont want or play with casual tuning?

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What if instead of banning, the player had to do some type of menial training in game? They would be forced to do some type of redundant game against bot or dummies? Something terribly boring. Completing this would only then allow them to play online again.

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1v5 Master Bots so they would actually have to try.

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Well nodezero did mention in that thread of his

“We have a better plan for quitters. We will need to implement it, but i think it’s going to really help.”

Fingers crossed.

Have to be careful with such systems, not to punish innocent players, nor create an AFK epidemic.

Would really help if (hopefully when) the PvP provided an enjoyable balanced fun experience. With the current gameplay, ranking system, and low player count, tall tall order.

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