Ban on racists!

I won’t stop until these two little f#ckers get banned for good! I’m a big fan of Gears of War franchise and I’m willing to do whatever I can to make it better. There’s no place for racists here. Everytime I meet these two dumbasses, they start attacking me with no reason for it. Just because one of them thinks I’m a “PC Gaming hacker”.

“Go back to the zoo, you monkey” “Is there a Wi-Fi connection at the jungle, monkey?” “You should go back to the Senzala”

Senzala was a slave camp in colonial Brazil.

This is how everything started: Racism on Gears 5 - #7 by MrCalazans

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Dude who cares. Why do these racist who probably aren’t actually racists, get on your nerves. This is the internet it is what is.

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It is what it is because nobody takes an action. It’s not because you are over the internet that you can act like a dumb#ss without getting punished.

You think they are not racists, my dear? Then, it’s because you have no idea how our relationship here in South America is.

File a report for these players.

That is the correct channel if you want them banned.