Ban for two years for frequent leaving matches in Gears 5?

I read an article today that T.C. once again a great idea flashed xD banning for two years rage quiters. ok I understand it is not cool when players from ranked matches leave but how do you know if this exit is intentional and not technical through your servers where Europe players have 150+ pings and frequent disconnections not through their fault!
Damn, you are really discouraging me more and more this part, first this hopeless B2P + Item Shop business model and now ban for ranking matches for two years if you get out of them too often … I would understand as if you had stable servers and playing you had 50+ pings on your servers, not 150+.
T. C. together with M$ you only shoot yourself in the foot.

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Theres a main thread about this already

The person who got the ban ended up quitting 18 of 21 matches in 1 day.

The guy in question who tweeted that he was banned for 600+ days had quit 18/21 ranked games in just one day. So imagine how many he quit since launch. There’s a thread with over 400 posts about it, along with other people complaining about bans, you can search for it.

Also, those bans were taken down with a notice from TC warning people that penalties are now up, so your article isn’t up to date.

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I think quit penalties are ridiculous considering the state of the game and the fact that the store is always working yet they want to penalise people for quiting when they should be allowed to. Some people paid £60 for this and this treatment of their customers is quite poor.

Are the punishments too harsh? Debatable, but also remember that there are up to 9 other people who also spent that much as well and their experience is being hampered because of someone else.

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