Ballistic damage in Horde/Escape

Can someone please explain to me what ballistic damage means in Horde/Escape? Lol

Maybe someone has a list of the weapons that give off Ballistic damage?

There is no indication on which weapons actually give “ballistic damage” so I am not using the cards in PvE. However, I am worried the cards are too good to pass up for people that know what this means hahah.

Pretty sure it means any weapon that doesn’t shoot a projectile; the hitscan weapons.

Everything that shoots a bullet but isn’t a heavy weapon like the trishot, I think.

Any weapon but Heavy and Explosive weapons.

Incorrect about heavy weapons, the trishot and mulcher are very much ballistic weapons. Any weapon that shoots an actual bullet is ballistic. The only one that doesn’t count is the Embar. Every other bullet shooting gun is ballistic damage.

I guess it depends on perspective. For reference: "ballistic weapons" - I just love definitions which change on the fly, between characters

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From experience playing as Clayton/ Gunner, ballistic is any weapon that shoots bullets but not Salvo, Buzzkill, Cryo cannon, Torque and Dropshot.

Gunner’s ult reflects ballistic back to enemies but you need to have Heavy Shell equipped to reflect the above with the exception of Cryo.


Also I think the Pouncer thingies are projectiles if I remember correctly. Kestrel machineguns are also counted as ballistic for the Gunner. The other bosses and boss-weapons I never checked.


As far as I can tell, Wakaatu acid attacks don’t get reflected at all regardless of whether you have Heavy Shell. I tried.

Snatcher quills don’t reflect, at least I’ve never seen them be. Matriarch spikes can be reflected but don’t appear to deal any damage when they hit it. Swarmak rockets seem to require Heavy Shell, though they have a mind of their own with where they fly and it’s hard to tell the damage they deal when they hit it as they may also blow a blister.

Kestrel rockets require Heavy Shell to reflect them back at it. Stump shots just reflect back regardless of whether you have Heavy Shell or not.

Melee attacks are inconsistent. Getting meleed by a Drone or Elite will down and bleed it out(if you have Reflect Shredder) when they hit you while Reflective Shell is up, but Wardens, Juvies and Rejects to name a few won’t take bleed(or any?) damage from hitting you while the ult is running… the only time they seem to get bleed is if stray reflected bullets hit them from other enemies shooting at you, at least in my experience.

And yes, Pouncer quills also require Heavy Shell to reflect back at them.

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Thats for Gunner…

The definition of “ballistic weapon” changes based on which character you are playing, with what card…

There is hidden, behind the scenes micro management of what constitutes a ballistic weapon, on a card by card, character by character basis.

For example, for Nomad, trishots are not ballistic weapons. But for Fahz they are.

I havent checked the new Demo card which gives extra ballistic weapon damage after an explosive or bleed kill, to see if that applies to, say, the trishot…

TC silently micromanages this, behind the scenes, without any attempt to even pretend at consistency.


OOH TRI SHOT from the , STumps (Gunner ultimate), so i guess some heavy weapons ARE not excluded for sure

HUGE Thx for gunner Ultimate reference

aww ■■■■ this complicates thing :frowning:

searching (lahini/blademaster card, i was wondering, and COG GEAR right now im seriously wondering,

combat medic) extremely important to know before i start an other 11hour solo inconceivable (medic this time again or vet)

For Gunner Reflect, the following WILL reflect (haven’t tested without “Heavy Shell” card):

  • Buzzkill, Mulcher, Trishot (Stump, Guardian, Sentinel), Kestrel guns, EMBAR, Swarmak guns
  • All “bullet” weapons (Claw, Enforcer, Lancer, Longshot, etc)
  • Pouncer projectile attack
  • Direct hit from Boomshot (needs Heavy Shell)


  • Snatcher tail whip ranged attack?
  • Various rockets (I think you need to be hit directly with them)
  • Walaaktu ranged attack?

Will NOT reflect under any circumstances:

  • Cryo Cannon

Buzzkills and Salvos(which are the weapon a Sentinel uses, also) need Heavy Shell to reflect them back. Pretty much any other explosive including Kestrel rockets also requires Heavy Shell too. And yes, rockets require a direct hit to reflect.

Wakaatu attacks don’t seem to reflect regardless of what skills you use.

Cryo and Wakatu poison is liquid/ gas so they can’t be reflected.
And as AmicableWall mentioned - for any explosive weapon Gunner will require Heavy Shell.