Balancing the sniper rifle

i honestly think the the longshot sniper rifle is arguably one of the most powerful weapons in the gears 5. while all weapons are pretty strong, no other weapon IMO comes close the potential killing power of the sniper rifle. as long as you dont mess up in the reload, you can continue killing off players in rapid succession without much effort.

now, the only other similar weapon to the longshot sniper would be the EMBAR railgun, while the EMBAR does function in a similar fashion, it simply doesnt stack up well against the longshot

lets compare the 2, and compare what the other doesnt have

1.) has 3 bullets
2.) shots goes through enemy and hits whoever is behind
3.) no crosshair (only when you’re charging up)
4.) loud charge up noise (most players would grab cover when they hear the charge up)

Longshot sniper rifle
1.) zoom in scope
2.) 1 bullet
3.) cross hair with out zooming in
4.) easy to quick scope kills

heres my recorded clip of how easy it is to wipe out enemies with this weapon, FYI i play with mouse and keyboard

can not really get the same results with an EMBAR

those players in the video, had no chance at reacting with how fast this weapon functions and there . you could argue that a bright light does shine when you aim down the scopes, but most good players will normally quick scope you, therefore negating that weakness

due to the cross hair the long shot sniper rifle is good at all ranges even without zooming in, its ridiculously easy to head shot someone and mid and close range due to the cross hair,

now im not saying nerf its damage, because i believe it should be a devastating powerhouse. but in order to fix the issues above ive come with a list of things that i would balance it out

1.) remove the cross hair. the sniper rifle should be a long range weapon, removing the cross hair and making players rely on the zoom would make the long shot less effective in mid to short engagements

2.) slow down the ADS while in cover

3.) give laser pointer.