Balanced King of the Hill game

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Care to chime in on this supposed fairly matched game of King today?

I’m 19,902 and Kyle was 18,203 duo queuing so lets factor in that stack factor, lets say we both equated to 40k

That means our 3 teammates totalled 7k Ranking points across them combined,

So looking at the second image there, 40k for me and Kyle who are Master No. 1 and Onyx 3, therefore there is only around 7563 leftover to make that total team score of 47,536.

Lets split that three ways, 7536 / 3 = 2512

Meaning on averages, my teammates were 2512 Point in KoTH, which places them at the very MAXIMUM in Bronze 2. Against a 3 stack on COG, and still unfavored by nearly 20k.

Lets re-iterate that, a Master and an Onyx having three Bronze 2 teammates in this current system.


I don’t know man, -4 points in round 2? Looks like someone wasn’t performing at the level expected of them. Honestly not surprised you lost.

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Guess I should have invested in the aimbot you bought :frowning_face:

Teddybearz is solid.

I have seen no evidence of an aimbought.



And that guys gamer tag, shoehornplenty, lol. Did anyone else think of the reference or just me?

To be fair though your team was awful. Lol

Yeah, I made a post similar to yours. I had a teammate who was playing KOTH and scored ZERO. The matchmaking is so bad.

Looks like their team was just a little more balanced as a whole while yours was very top heavy with you two. The game probably assumed that since you two were high ranked and playing together, you could handle having bad teammates. And it wasn’t entirely wrong on that assumption. You still exceeded expectations as you gained points, so there is at least that.

Please don’t tell me you just accused Teady of hacking

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Carry harder lol

Matchmaking is broken?!?!?!?!?!