Balance of single stick movement

Single stick movement is a cheat code to the game. Once a player can center their screen they will find a lot of success in their gameplay. Single stick takes all the skill out of the equation and does the centering for you. This needs to be removed immediately or everyone will be forced to play on it.



Whoa, we agree!

Also, not everyone will be forced to play on it. I have tried it and personally don’t like it. I’ve never felt the need to use it and my skill level is very high using default.



I play gears of war 5,7,9,11 every single day against the best players in the world. That control scheme makes players who do not know how to play the game be able to compete. It’s unfortunate that a controller setting on this game is a meta to competitive play. They can keep it in the game but it should be banned for competitive play. Take the bumpers off the lanes of these pros. It’s disgusting.

No it doesn’t. You don’t magically become better at the game because of this accessibility setting.

I play against the best players in the world on a daily basis. I don’t use this setting and I run through almost anyone I play against minus a select few who I am sure aren’t using this feature.

Do you play gears of war esports? If your talking about ranked… please do not even bother commenting on this post.

Yes, once in a while.

But the point still stands. A mediocre player wouldn’t be able to compete just because they use this control scheme. That’s where you’ve backed yourself into a wall with your statement. If you wanted to say a very skilled player that learned how to use this control scheme may gain an advantage that’s fine. But you didn’t.

This simply isn’t true and it’s what I am referring to.

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Oops my fault.

Makes semi decent players good*
Makes good players even better*

It’s meant for people with disabilities, Keep it that way.

it’s a setting just like defaulternate an abused system use it or don’t whine lol

Nah, the best players in this game are mouse and keyboard

It does help with bouncing imo, but it’s not worth it cause it does its job too well, (good thing too, reason Gears 5 has one of the best accessibility scores) I’ll be in a 1v1 and randomly turn right and it ruins my aim

I don’t think it matters. I own either way. How ever you choose to configure , you will get owned by me!

100 % agree. its deff a cheat code to movment and aim. It gives people that play thumbs a wallbounce that looks like they play claw. But you have to appriciate the attempt to make the game more accesible, that helps keeps the game alive and helps newer/less skilled players stick around. You cant compete on a dead game. to say single stick should be removed in competition is almost like saying button remapping shouldnt be allowed, and that everyone has to play on default. Which is honestly a good idea in theory. But how does that really sound ?

Apparently I’m an idiot because I tried it and didn’t know wtf I was doing so back to default.

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lol muscle memory is a b**** don’t worry it’s not just you, after years of playing certain way you can’t just switch and momentarily be comfortable with a new setting,

I started using Tournament layout mid Gears 4, took me a good couple months to stop tapping A when the situation got hairy, but now I can’t use default anymore, index finger is on LB and doing it’s thing, just the way the cookie crumbles

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Oh and almost a full year since the post I replied to was made, another Jim Carrey gif could be just a thing for this situation

I use tournament too on Gears 5.

Is your controller ok? I mean, by repeatedly pressing the LB button did it make that button unresponsive or no?

LB button stopped working for me on my old controller due to multiple presses. I had to purchase a new one.