Balance aspects that have not been touched

Okay, leaving aside the whole fiasco that the gnasher and matchmaking is, since that has been mentioned a LOT and there doesn’t seem to be anything that can be done about that, let’s talk about other things that have, in my opinion, ruined many maps and game modes.

First of all, maps and weapons.

I absolutely hate bunker so I will use this as an example. There’s 2 major power weapons, GL/Dropshot and Mulcher(?)/Salvo. Why would salvo/mulcher be on the safest part of the map? The weapon placement is such a HUGE reason as to why this map sucks. If the enemy team gets the salvo/mulcher and of course the bunker area, it’s nearly impossible to attack. The whole area promotes camping (same with many maps like Gridlock, Clocktower, Nexus, checkout, blood drive, training grounds, etc) and just adding the strongest weapon to that part makes it that much easier to make the game stale and one sided in some cases. If that’s going to be the case, give us a proper weapon that can counter such gameplay/scenario or change up the map like Icebound did.

Which leads me to weapons and weapon placements.

Again, lets take Bunker. Once someone has the salvo/mulcher and they have common sense, its nearly impossible to get past that. Yes, you could make the argument that nades, markza and dropshot/gl could deal with a guy camping. Nades (when they work as intended) are easy to spot and if you get close enough to toss a good one, you’ll get demolished by lancers or whatever they’re using. Even if you headshot someone with the markza, youll get hit by 2 salvo rockets or 10 mulcher bullets in a second and die, so the enemy will grab the weapon again and nothing changes. Dropshot/GL could be a game changer, but that’s the ONLY way you have a DECENT chance of fighting the enemy camping in those spots.

At least in ranked, weapon placement should matter that much more. Certain weapons change the entire flow of gameplay on maps, like the snipers on river or on canals, so they’re a big part of balance yet I only see weapon timers being changed. Not to mention, if you grab a weapon and just camp in your spawn or close area, enemies can’t do ■■■■ about it since the weapon doesn’t spawn anymore.

Just as another example, take Nexus. Beautiful map, but again, weapon placements kind of make it a bit annoying. Boomshot is in a close area where there is only one entrance, only thing that could stop you is if the enemies literally get all nades and make it rain.

TL;DR.- Certain maps have ■■■■■■ weapon placements, changing the entire flow of the game into a stale, campy and slow match that promotes camping and makes it even harder for gears to be as balanced as it could be and this should matter much more.

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