Baird's Parting Gift and future perks Feedback

Parting Gift was a weird choice on TC’s part. That’s putting it politely. I’m not sure what the grenade tag damage maxes at as I haven’t invested in the card, but it seems like there are far better choices in both Horde and Escape.

I’d love to see the card also grant Baird heal&stim, so it might see some use.

I touched on Engineer perks in other posts, which I assume will be a thing in Op5. The perks TC listed for Engineers were based around fortifications, which really aren’t necessary. Even with Power Drain on, you can have some very solid bases with low level Bairds - the fortifications don’t have to be more numerous or powerful.

IMO he’s got to have Critical and Capacity at least. Rifle Damage would add a little variety if you want to run a Claw or Lancer/Enforcer on lower difficulties. Or a DB weapon damage perk would totally make sense.

(He does NOT need Precision Weapon Damage AND Critical perks as it would threaten to overshadow designated sniper classes).



Parting Gift seems to have been made for Ice Queen and nothing else.

I could go into some long drawn out calcs to tell you and what the Fahz mains already know.

Baird wouldn’t touch Fahz with the longshot.

However with the Embar, it’s an entirely different story and that’s only if Baird gets a critical damage CARD I haven’t even calculated if Baird got damage perks.

Baird needs ammo capacity perk. 15 rounds of embar is shy.

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