Baird's Experimental Weapons card does more than it says

Card description says “xx% of increased DeeBee weapon damage to wounded enemies”

My card is at level 3 so I should be doing an extra 40% damage to enemies that have less than 100% health, provided that I use a DeeBee weapon (Enforcer, Overkill, Embar, Shock Grenade)

I never really used the card before as I prefer the Longshot over the Embar for speed/accuracy reasons but I somehow added it to my loadout the other day and noticed some differences in Longshot damage even to unwounded enemies.

Indeed, an active reload headshot with the Longshot does 7500 dmg (3000 with the Embar). With the card equipped I was doing 8625 dmg on AR with the Longshot and 4830 with the Embar, regardless of the enemy health bar

Was it always like that or did TC buff the card at some point without updating the description as usual ?

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Hmm, this is weird. The Embar has a 61% increase in damage, and your Longshot damage is increased by 15%.

Are there any Active Bonuses on the card? I know that Active bonuses on cards apply for all weapons, which means that Keegan could get a 50% increase on the damage of an Active headshot if the Hammerburst and snub cards are equipped at level 5.

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Probably something hidden that gets mentioned nowhere, similiar to Jacks Mobile Resuppy card.

Card increases active effect damage, and this variable correlates with all weapons, not only db weapons. Just check normal damage with sniper rifle with and without card. It’s silly cause keegan can do over 9000 damage with sniper when hb and snub cards active.

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Lancer Gl mastery card removes all recoil from the enforcer as well i’ve noticed playing as Jd. Combined with active affects it’s pretty useful for those first few rounds before your tooled up, i swap the gnasher out most times.

There are probably lots of things about these skill cards we don’t know. I didn’t know that Fahz’s legendary card applied more damage to weapons regardless of whether they were freezing or not until the Op3 patch.

Not a lot of people know that the modified frag card for Sarah Connor also applies to the Shock grenades.

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Why would you ever equip GL mastery though?

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I am SO DAMN sick of these poorly written skill card descriptions.

I honestly don’t care if it takes an entire paragraph to explain what a card does, I want to know exactly what it does.

I realize that some (probably most) of these additional perks to skill cards are accidental, but for example the one that is only meant to allow Jack to reload weapons while carrying them also lets him maintain cloak, but nowhere in the description does it mention cloak. When people complain about TC being lazy, I always try to defend against it, because honestly look at the full package… but this, this stuff right here, I just can’t make an excuse for.


It’s great when a card does more than it says it does - right up until they fix it and leave me feeling that I’ve had something taken from me.
It’s a mixed bag when I learn about something here because on the upside - now I know about it and I can use it but on the downside TC might too so I can’t use it for as long.
Of course if TC read the forums then you’ve got to wonder why they don’t fix things that hurt game play before fixing things that helped it.


So in theory if Keegan is running Modified Hammerburst and Snub with a GL in his hand, will his grenade launcher rounds with an active reload stack more and hit even harder then what JD can do with only having the Custom GL card + active reload?


COG Gear and Keegan benefit from this to a great degree since they have two custom weapon cards.


Marcus’s Lancer recoil also works on the Retro and GL even tho it doesn’t say it does.