Baird users! Best Baird build for horde?

pretty much what the title says, what are the best 5 cards to use for Baird in (Master) horde?

edit: @Hu1k_Daddy I seen you be making posts about good builds for horde characters…haven’t seen any for Baird by you. Any chance you can quickly jot down a couple good builds for him real quick?

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This may not be the best, but it’s what I have been using lately. Has worked well for me.
Bloody Support
Experimental Weapons
Global Overclock
Precision Repairs
Global Sentry Upgrade

Title Update 4 (TU4) has potential to change how some characters cards currently work. So I may have a different setup after that drops.

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have you been using this for higher difficulties like inconceivable/master? I’ve seen some baird users on master place lvl 2 barriers all over a map, and it looks like the barrier is shocking them?, and when they die it shows they’ve died by a lancer rather than the barrier itself which i don’t get. and he doesn’t have to repair the barriers, as if it’s always 100 HP.

just wondering what are these cards they’re using. don’t know if your build kinda does what I said lol.

Hello Envy,

I have actually been waiting on him due to the current glitch so to speak. As I feel that’s the current Meta.

But once this is done then there will be something out. However in the meantime I would also recommend what has also been stated.

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What you described, is an unintended exploit/glitch caused by some of Baird’s cards. Specifically the Bloody Support card; and the Precision Repairs card. Basically this applies the effects to barriers too so barriers cause bleed damage and on damaging and killing enemies it causes them to restore their own health as long as Baird’s DR-1 Ultimate ability is ready (just don’t actually activate it!) and he is holding a “precision weapon” - so a Longshot, Torque, Markzha or an EMBAR.

I don;t think TC have mentioned it directly in recent tweets or streams, but alot of us reckon it will be patched when TU4 drops, which will probably be next Monday or Tuesday.


ah! bummer. I thought it was cool when I first saw it. Just turned lvl 11 to get both of those cards. Guess I have to try that build before they patch it. So for the “bloody support” I have to shoot them with a precision weapon for it to work or that’s just what that exploit is, as long as you’re holding it in your hands the barriers will do what I said from what I previously mentioned?

@Hu1k_Daddy thanks!

Part of the problem pepper…all these unwanted heroes needing their own cards…it was always going to happen that some would end up with stupid glitches…ie baird barriers lol…its a shame as all this wasn’t needed…they created classes for that reason…never has a mode in any game…gone so far backwards as horde on 5🤔

As it is now, you literally just need to hold a precision weapon in your hand, and if the enemy take damage from a barrier then it causes bleed damage.

Some people have suggested that you need to fire the Precision weapon once per wave too, although I’m not sure if this is a pre-requisite to trigger this glitch. I’m always shooting to help the team anyway so can’t confirm.

Not strictly related but when were you gonna get around to making a guide on Lizzie? Mostly curious on Mulcher bleed vs self-healing Tri-Shot for the Silverback, since I’m not really sure if the higher damage potential justifies the lack of self-healing or using the Healing Munitions skill to use the Salvo for that purpose instead.

And for a general engineer tip(to the OP) I would recommend having Overclock. Your teammates will thank you and should return the favor by being able to kill more from having more ammo available to them.


Firing is not necessary.

If you go down though, the bleed stops.

For Lizzie, I liked to use Damage->Stim, Cold Damage, Bleeding Mulcher, Salvos, and Healing Munitions.
However, once I realized the Sisters to the End card worked well in Horde, I replaced Healing Munitions with Sisters.
I do have to be more careful about how much damage I take now, but I think it’s worth having the Silverback more often.

Playing with a group and they went on about how they sub Global Sentry Upgrade for Parting gift and this somehow makes their Embar damage stronger. Is this true? If so, how does it work?