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Baird should automatically come with the classic version

I know that we probably have to pay for it eventually but considering almost everyone prefers to have the classic version over the bald he should automatically come with that skin. I know that old Baird has a few fans but that’s like putting Han Solo from the Solo movie free and making us pay for the Harrison Ford version.


Did they not leak the classic skin?

probably a ToD reward

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It should but it won’t. We don’t even get the pleasure of using Baird unless we do a decently rough grind or buy him :stuck_out_tongue:

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It’ll most likely be a skin to unlock in Tour of Duty, or possibly a supply drop.


Yeah, don’t get your hopes up. I fully expect Classic Baird to be in the store for $10 on the launch of operation 2.


Why should old characters/skin take higher priority than they characters featured in the story mode?

Kill 2500 Juvies for the classic skin

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Your meant to enjoy the totem tubby!!!

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I enjoy suck rods ■■■■■■

WTF mate?

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I’d pay for a Harrison Ford skin.

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The totem grinds really aren’t THAT difficult, as long as you don’t mind spending a few hours playing modes you may not care about.

If they are going to keep the totem system, I just hope they make it a system where you can finish them by picking and choosing objectives that let you mostly stick to the modes you actually want to play.

It’s not what it looks like


Never said they were difficult just time consuming and not fun because the game is borong

Spot the newbie

Very unlikely.

So far “Classic” skins has been droped via supply
For example Kait JD and Del from Gears 4
While new concept characters like Skeleton, Lieutenant Chutani, and carton Jack skins are the ones in the store.

Old Baird will come in totem form as a base character, while the Delta skin will be droped in supply’s or as a reward in the upcoming tour duty.
99% for sure


What about Mechanic Baird? I expect him to be Supply, Tour of Duty unlock or Iron-only.

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Mechanic Baird will be the only time I would entertain using real money.


Lol, if that were only true.