Baird questions

I got some questions about Baird I was hoping someone knew the answers too. I got him to lvl 17 but almost every game someone tells me something I didn’t know or may not be true.

1: Precision kills repair forts.
I know what this one does but does it have to be a precision weapon for it to work? Say if I headshot something with a tri shot does it work? Someone told me kills with shock sentries trigger it but it’s pretty hard to tell. Also does it repair all forts and not just mine?

2: Unexpected bleed dmg
Someone told me there’s a glitch where Bairds lvl 2 fences cause bleed. Another person said his turrets cause bleed. Any truth to this?

3: MG turret perk
This perk seems to add dmg to my ordinary guns as well. At lvl 10 it’s a 30% boost to turrets. When I use a claw my gun says +30%. If Im using a deebee weapon with the deebee perk the effect stacks. Tri shots say +60%. Not that I’m complaining but is that intended or yet another bug?

4:Precision hits cause bleed
I stopped using this perk because the bleed is very weak compared to certain other characters. Also between my other perks I just couldn’t fit it into my build anymore. There’s a picture of the torquebow on the card. Is that considered a precision weapon?

Torque bow is a precision weapon.
that’s the extent of my knowledge on the above lol

  1. Not sure about the weapon/sentries part but Precision weapons repair ALL fortifications regardless who built them

  2. I dunno about sentries but the barriers make enemies bleed at the moment. They dont have to be level 2 they can be level 1 . The only thing is you have to have your ultimate ready as far as I know

Any weapon that appears in the Precision skin packs is ie - Longshot, Embar, Torq.

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Does that mean I have to run the bleed perk for it to work? That’s how the perk operates. When your ult is ready precision hits cause bleed. I run MG turrets, deebee weapons, repair speed, global lockers and precision kills repair.

I’d replace deebee weapon damage with bleed. I’m not sure if the deebee weapon card effects MG sentries, but I do know that his bleed card used with lvl 2 barriers does a crazy amount of damage.


Damn. I like the deebee weapon perk for when I use a tri shot :frowning:

Any precision weapon kill, regardless of kill location (head, torso, etc) will apply the heal. Additionally barrier/turret/melee/DBNO explosion kills ALL heal when holding a precision weapon.

Any headshot with other weapons will also repair.

I believe it may be possible that any teammates precision kills apply, but this needs testing.

I believe the shocks may apply a bleed, but I havent tested this yet. The turrets do not seem to in my experience.
As long as you have his precision bleed card and the dr1 ready his barriers will apply bleeds. Any level barrier. Also grenades he throws, and the gl/boomshot/torque bow explosions if you switch to a precision weapon before the hit lands.

Ex throw shock- swap to embar. Repeat.

incendiary are best if you can get some from kait or someone.

(Currently under consideration as a bug by the community)

3 Seems intended or overlooked. Several characters have cards which apply global damage like this. Also works on melee.

4 Torque bow is precision weapon but the bleed on it is very weak. You should focus on embar and longshot.
The main purpose of your bleed when shooting is to keep flying enemies/bosses from regenerating (and occassionally spot CC scions with embar active reload which causes them to be unable to act for 3 seconds~) while team is rotating on locker, reviving. etc.

Tag it with a bleed, repeat till team gets it down.

I prefer the Markza, make a minimum level 2 Weapons Locker and put 2 Markza’s on it, and if you can max it out to 3. Longshot is good, but i do prefer the Markza over any and all Precision weapons.
The Bleed Skill card is better than you think, the smaller the enemy the less it does, however the bigger they are, the more it does. Take a shot and have a look at different size/level enemies. I did, it is an eye opener, or i have a small mind and small things amuse me… Hmmm.

the smaller the enemy the less it does, however the bigger they are, the more it does

Negatory Ghost Rider. It does not function this way. It is based on the damage your sniper deals on a regular, non crit hit. Crits do not affect the bleed, nor enemy size.

All that you ask is true.
Me and my crew have been testing Baird for a while now. We run two engineers all the time and it makes any master game seem like beginner. Del builds everything as it’s cheaper for him. Baird upgrades shock sentries as they count towards precision kills and will fix your level two barriers as well as your lockers and decoys. Level two berries course bleed on the enemies as long as you have Bairds bleed card on. Global sentry card when maxed out will give you 30% extra damage as well as any DB weapon. We ran a game on Exibit with Del, Baird, Jack, Kait And JD we had 7 shocks front line and one MG sentry the rest of sentries were at the back just in case of the flyers. Nothing got close to us and everything was repaired with shocks and occasional head shot from Baird. At wave 50 we had 402k in the fab and everybody had there perks maxed out.

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Yeah if TC gets their ■■■■ together it sounds like this will be patched. But that’s a big commitment and I dont think they are up to it.

I hope they don’t cos we are enjoying it. Gives us a chance to lvl up characters and unlock some missing purple/yellow cards.

Just further examples of TC’s negligence, I’m sorry to say. Agreed, I hope they patch it too.

I’m half tempted to take off deebee weapon dmg to try the bleeding barb wire trick. Just to see how broken it is. When people post it in the lobby title it has to be OP. Like the lvl 3 red barrier glitch.

It is a percentage, and it works. You can see it working. Or i am seeing things, and if i am, i am happy with what i see.

Might give this a go. Any screenshots to show your setup towards the end? How many Barriers?

Hey mate. I got this one that one of my friends took it doesn’t show much as far as set up, it does show the amount of energy in the fab though, that’s why he took it lol. We had around 15 barriers. Set up was in the spawn.

You may be seeing the boosted numbers of lower difficulties.

These are a little misleading. You always do the damage percentage of the gun, and the enemy size/health is totally irrelevant.

Wow! Awesome and that’s actually really helpful. I’ll have to give it a try soon!

I need to get 500 DB weapon kills to unlock Baird … does the tri shot and salvo count as DB wepon kill , or is just overkill Embarba enforcer??