Baird Precision Repair card is a MUST HAVE

So I’ve been playing a lot of Baird lately and I have my Precision Repair card on It heals 1500 hp to all Defenses I always run Shock Sentries and I noticed kills from shock sentries repair my fortifications I couldn’t believe it because I was always trying to get kills with the Embar or the Bongshot. Then i decided to do a little experiment . I put out some barriers and decoys and let the enemy’s break them down while i sat behind cover and let the shock sentries do their work. They healed the decoys and the barriers. I am one happy Baird he is very useful. He may not have efficient fortification but having these shock sentries healing your fortification saves a good amount of power. This card really evens things out and is a must have along with Global Overclocked and Global Sentry Upgrade .


I’ll do you one further Brady.

Lizzies card cold finish? It works on lvl 1 barriers.

Gives enemies both less time to dmg stuff, and easier to be headshot by shocks!!!

Also, in my experience shocks will headshot more easily at high ground, so the steps of all father for instance would benefit the strategy, or vasgar. Keep in mind with frozen enemies in barriers your headshots will be easier as well!


Does this weapon get your opponents high by any chance


I’m not really a Horde person, but this is good to know.

So true Ive seen that playing with a lizzie before they stack really nice. Think we’ve played horde lots in gears 5 and 4 its a small world this community thanks for the tip.

Now I have to try this. If that’s the case I will put decoys out in front of the base. I used to only do that during a boss wave to keep them outside a bit longer.

Precision repair sounded good on paper but when double health gets involved it just falls flat. I was hoping the deebee weapons perk and bleed perk would counter that but not really. Still takes 2-3 embar shots to kill a drone on masters. The bleed only stops them from regening. The scaling is terrible and I think they did that for fear or making him OP when paired with JD and Kaits bleed. I build shock turrets as much as MG turrets. I have to test this now.

I normally run repair speed, mg turrets, deebee weapons, bleed and global lockers. I’ll probably drop the bleed perk cause it just doesn’t make an impact for me. I have the DR1 gold perk but I don’t trust that thing. I use it to distract more than kill.

I need to try the lizzie cold finish and lvl 1 barriers trick too. Another one. Bairds MG turrets perk also works on any weapon he has. I have 20% mg turrets and 30% deebee weapons. When I pick up a claw I have +20% dmg. When I use the embar it’s +50%.(20%+30%)

I prefer ammo than repair so useless card for me. I have always the time to repair everything

If you have time to repair everything then you havent built enough!!! >.>
“Most people believe if it ain’t broke don’t fix it. An engineer believes if it ain’t broke it doesn’t have enough features yet”

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You don’t need repair speed if your precision repairs your fortification constantly . You just need to be good on a embar if your shocks aren’t getting many kills. I do it in masters and it works really slick. also the embar kills downed enemies with the insane execution mod so its easy enough to finished downed enemies.
Also I love that quote “Most people believe if it ain’t broke don’t fix it. An engineer believes if it ain’t broke it doesn’t have enough features yet” hahahaha,

I dont know who actually said it. I just heard it playing Civ 6. They even got Sean Bean to narrate it. Which made it even better.

I tried using shock turrets with precision repair yesterday in a round of jingle juvies. Problem was I couldnt tell if it was working or not. Need to try again on a norml horde.

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Does anyone know if this card will “heal” destroyed defenses and bring them back to life?

Does this trick still work? Cause it does not seem with me. Also I read about the barriers that should deal damage if “bloody support” card is on and you have embar and the ability is available.

Nope its been patched

If your Baird is maxed character Lv18 (Lv5 cards) with this card setup, it’s usually an easy, laid back role. As long as you’re a shooter & mainly snipe juvies, leeches, trackers etc…
•Bloody Support
•Experimental Weapons
•Precision Repair
•Global Overclock Upgrade
•Global Sentry Upgrade or Explosive Killshot

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