Baird, Lizzie Barrier Combo

The problem regarding DBNO enemies crawling over Baird’s barriers, imposed by the Execution Rules modifier, can be overcome by lining his barriers with level 1 barriers built by Lizzie if she has the Cold Finish card equipped.

The enemies’ health will drop due to the applied bleed effect, and because both barriers are affecting them simultaneously, before the bleed damage downs them, Lizzie’s barrier will freeze them. If they were still bleeding, the bleed damage will shatter them once frozen rather than down them, thus speeding up the wave and preventing damage to the barriers by crawling enemies.

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Is this correct, has anybody verified this in horde gameplay?

Yup, this works. It can be inconsistent if you overlap the barriers virtually on top of each other as sometimes it’s Baird’s barrier that registers the damage, but if it’s Lizzie’s one then the Cold Finish does apply.

Alternatively you can make Lizzie buy all the barriers, but they will have to be level one so will have less health and willslow the enemy down less.

Organize Lizzie’s barriers so that the enemy travels over them both before and after Baird’s. An example would be on Forge, have Baird’s horizontal across the opening and then place a few of Lizzie’s parallel to each other, perpendicular to Baird’s