Baird glitch OP

I’ve used it on masters level. Haven’t noticed the health bar, but they seem to bleed down to a certain level from memory. Obviously regeneration will kick in if left alone for enough time.

I’m seeing the opposite I’m seeing lobbies just asking for Bairds and in BOLD SAYING NO DEL

I wouldn’t say that it saves you power if you kill get a couple of kills with your embar and give fortifications HP
that makes a huge difference

The precision repair is sweet, no argument there. I’m talking about the bleed. It’s very weak. Until the bleeding fences exploit I switched it out for something else. I’ll use an embar or a longshot. Try to find imagos, juvies or downed drones t get a head shot. If we leave one drone downed for Jack to smelt guns I’ll ask that I get the kill so I can repair forts for free.

Do we have the actual number of dmg an embar and a longshot do? I would like to know so I can determine if it’s better to use an embar or longshot with my perks. Obviously the longshot hits harder by itself. When you toss in 30% dmg from MG and 50% for deebee weapon perks I wonder if the embar does more damage?

You running your DB weapon damage with the bleed card? It’s definitely nowhere near as effective as JD and Kait of course, but I was able to get some kills in higher difficulty with lvl 2 cards

I was running
300% repair speed
MG turrets
Deebee weapons
Global Lockers
Precision repair

Now that I learned about the bleeding fences I switched out deebee weapons for bleed. When they patch this, which im sure they will, I might go back to deebee weapons. It’s an 80% boost when mixed with MG. On a tri shot that’s insane.

I agree and it shouldnt be as effective because Baird is an engineer. Im saying where it’s at now, without this exploit it is useless. It needs to be at least viable. Right now the dmg is so small, without the bleeding fences it aint worth bringing IMO.

agreed is weak but if you play Baird like intended Engineer and play support I think it works fine on Imago and drones with Embar / Markza combo he can be very effective just taking care his lane but when you try to take down Scions or pouncers then yeah you aint doing much especially if you don’t have a Kait or JD on your team
which is a whole other discussion lol


I see. Yeah I like his setup with:

DB damage
Global overclock
Global sentry
Precision repair

However this setup also initiates the glitch, which I am not fond of. So I could just use my ultimate frequently to keep the wires from causing bleed, however then my rifle wouldn’t cause bleed…

So for now I choose support only with Baird until (if) they fix him.

That build would work but the only problem I see is you will need to get head shot kills to keep things repaired. If you have to repair something with your tool it’s going to take you awhile without the repair speed boost. A shame that doesn’t speed up how fast you refill sentries too.
If you get head shot kills it shouldn’t matter. Precision repair should keep things topped off. Just something to consider.

I couldn’t agree more. Now my cards are only lvl 2 so he will get a bit stronger. I have played some decent higher difficulty games as Baird supporting Del (Del builds everything, I only snipe) and the games went really well. I did not by any means have the damage of JD, Kait or Del, but my kills did substantial healing to the fortifications even to the end of the game. His global cards helped a lot as well. Global overclock stacked on Del’s overclock was great! Global sentry allowed sentries to stay lower level through the whole game (wave 50, the sentries we had were still lvl 2 I believe).

Agreed, the over powered JD is definitely another discussion and one that has been gripes about on lengths so I won’t touch that.

not at all on insane with the execution modifier and assuming you have the explosive DBNO card tell your team to leave the last down for you to kill with an embar and it gives your fortifications the HP

my build is
Sentry DMG
Precision repair
DBNO explosive
DB Damage

don’t have the overclock yet but I would use that card once I get it

I donno, I don’ t have a problem with this… You people always find something to complain about and then you run to TC to nerf something useful… You don’t want to activate that , don’t hold a precision weapon, or keep activating your DR1…

JD is stupid OP, nice to have other characters who can compete on the same level…

This is just a bigger version of the ‘glitch’ where in GoW4 when the engineer jumped on a turret all sentry kills counted as turret kills, for bonus objective purposes… Stop complaining, really, about something which makes the game more playable on higher diff levels… Don’t spam sentries! Don’t spam barriers! And then you have nothing to worry about…

Stop telling them to remove that tactic as a posibility for OTHER people to use/play… There are ways you can avoid activating it - just do those!


I use that build and don’t need to repair as long as I remember to hold a precision weapon (as sentry kills etc will do the repairing for me).

The only time I use the repair tool is to refill sentries (which I can normally get done between rounds) so the repair speed card isn’t really required ATM.

It’s all kills with a precision rifle, not just headshot kills.

Working as intended.

Well I guess they should just make every hero absurdly overpowered so no one needs any skill to play and can just twiddle their thumbs on forums while winning horde on the most difficult setting, without even looking up from their phones.

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Play snubs, talons only if you demand “skills”.

Making horde a relaxing and entertaining 2-3 hrs of fun is what most people want.

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That pistol mode is called escape.

Relaxing and entertaining yes, but not even playing hardly? Why even bother?

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Wolf you scoundrel! :rofl:

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Not sure what level you play, but even with every glitch/exploit we’ve had, you have to play some.

The point was play it your way and let others do the same.

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